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Knot Your Usual Rakhi Affair
August 17,2016

Knot Your Usual Rakhi Affair

The bond between siblings swings to both ends of the pendulum- there are days when you’re ready to tear each other’s hair out and others when you feel unending love. Well, it’s that time of the year again when you’re obligated to feel lots of love for your sibling. Choosing a Rakhi gift isn’t the easiest, but with the endless choices at Select CITYWALK we hope we can simplify that for you.

Make Rakhi a little Sweeter– Let’s face it, we’re pretty done receiving a box of Ladoos year after year.  Chocolates and doughnuts are as auspicious as any other Indian sweets. Lucky for you, we have both! Get your sibling a box of handmade chocolates from Royce or an indulgent box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! If that’s not enough sweetness, there’s always L’Opera!

Gifts on Gifts- There’s no Rakhi without gifts. Surprise your brother with something that’s sure to win his heart! Head straight to Croma and splurge on the newest electronics. If you’re shopping for your sister there’s nothing that will make her happier than a new outfit! Whether it’s a bag, jewellery, wallets, clutches or handbags – Find a gift at Hidesign that your sister will love! Something that she will carry every day and remember you by!For all you brothers out there, the End of Season Sale is on at Select CITYWALK so now would be a good time to Go Shopping and buy your sister the dress she’s been eyeing!

Knot Your Usual Rakhi Affair

Hello Nostalgia- There’s something to be said for gifts that have some emotional value. We would all love to receive a gift that reminds us of our brother/sister for the rest of our life. Happily Unmarried is one such place where you can get quirky gifts for your sibling!

Knot Your Usual Rakhi Affair

If you still haven’t done your Rakhi Shopping, waste no more time! Come check out Kriti Creations, for all kinds of traditional as well as new-age rakhis, decorative trays, tikkas, envelopes and more! Take your time to plan the perfect presents for your siblings!

So make it special and make it memorable because he/she was your first friend!