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Stress-free Shopping!
September 20,2017

Stress-free Shopping!

But, as your shopping spree continues, your comfort and excitement slowly start to fade.  Ever wondered why? It’s the numerous shopping bags you’re trudging around from store to store! Shopping is an absolute delight until it isn’t!

Stress-free Shopping!

This is why Select CITYWALK has come up with TWO perfect solutions to your post-shopping dilemma.  You can either drop off your shopping bags at our concierge and have them delivered straight to your doorstep ( Delivery Service)  or enjoy your shopping spree with our hands free shopping assistant (Hands Free Service).

Just imagine how much easier your life would be these amazing services that literally transform your shopping experience. They can definitely help you get out of these sticky situations-


You’ve just enjoyed a two-hour shopping spree, and feel the need to sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the latest in cinematic entertainment at PVR. What ever do you do with the handful of shopping bags you’ve accumulated? Well, this is where the Delivery Service comes in super handy! Just drop them off at the concierge or lift lobby B and they’ll be delivered to your home at whatever time you’d like!

Stress-free Shopping!


Shopping is definitely one way to work up an appetite! After you’ve had your fair share of retail therapy, an evening of culinary therapy allows for a perfect ending to your day. If you were thinking about visiting restaurants like Yum Yum Cha, BigFatSandwich, and Mamagoto those heaps of shopping bags would silence even the loudest of tummies. Instead of having an unattractive mound of goodies stacked up besides you as you try and have a meal, just have them sent home and enjoy your meal hassle free!

Stress-free Shopping!

Shopping with kids-

If you’re going shopping with your kids, we’re sure you already have your hands full regardless of shopping bags. This is when our hands free shopping assistant comes to save the day. While your little ones are running about at stores like Mother CareChiccoBaby Oye, and RAMP, you’ll be free to keep up with them while our assistant will be keeping up with you (holding all of your shopping bags of course). Just visit the concierge and request the service and enjoy the rest of your family outing!

Stress-free Shopping!

So the next time you visit Select CITYWALK, make sure you stop by at the concierge and find out a little more about these life saving services!