Select CITYWALK India100% Charity Sale

100% Charity Sale

The event is mainly to support three charities; Friendicoes (for animals), Earth Saviours Foundation(old age homes for the mentally challenged elderly) and Dukhbhanjan(support patients who cannot pay their medical bills in Safdarjung hospital) through a 100% charity sale.
Friendicoes will put up their own counters. A few Select CITYWALK brands have donated for the Cause, along with individual donors.
The sale for Earth Saviour’s Foundation and Dukhbhanjan will be organised and executed by an organisation called “ The Angels Network”. These two NGOs will also be having their counters at the sale.
The items for the sale have come from various donor brands , and also from individual philanthropists (used and unused).
Select CITYWALK fully supports the three causes

16th - 17th April, 2016

12:00 PM - 09:00 PM