2014 The Must Haves
2014 The Must Haves
September 19,2017

2014 The Must Haves

Happy New Year! Between all the partying, the resolutions, and the excitement that comes with the New Year, let’s not forget the essential things – like shopping!

We’ve learned from last year’s mistakes and one of the most important lessons is that – Shopping goes a long way. Here are the top 6 things you can’t live without in 2014:

1. A smartphone – When I said the ‘essential things’, this one tops the charts! We may not like to admit it, but we’re all addicted to social media, instant messaging, and everyone’s secret favorite – selfies (Don’t kid yourselves, guys!). Be it a Blackberry, a Samsung, or an iPhone, there’s no denying that a smartphone is one of the biggest must-haves now!

2. The perfect pair of shoes – Time to stop wearing those old black shoes you bought in 2008! Invest in the perfect pair – that means color, class and comfort! Make it something that girly glam doll would be proud of! (Hint: my favorites are Steve Madden, ALDO and Nine West!)

3. A waffle maker – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it’s about time you make it worthwhile! Ditch the usual boring toast and tea for something yummier! And who doesn’t love waffles? Check out all the cool appliances at our awesome home store – Homestop!

4. New speakers – Trust me, you will not regret it! Not only are speakers much healthier than using headphones, but they also give you the perfect excuse to throw many awesome parties! You can check out Croma for great speaker options!

5. A gym membership – Stop complaining about being ‘just a few kilos overweight’! The time to start is NOW – get a gym membership and start a workout routine to get your body beach-ready for the summer! Our in-house health center, Fitness First will be happy to help!

6. A new laptop – If there’s one thing that changes quicker than fashion trends, it’s technology! This year, use the latest software on a brand new laptop! Choose one with a sleek body and super-speedy functionality to watch your life transform! (Check out Imagine Apple for my personal favorite – the MacBook pro!)

Now that you have a list already, visit Select CITYWALK and start the year with a shopping spree!

Have a happy & shopping bags filled 2014!

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