3 Unique ways to make this Raksha Bandhan special & tie it together!
3 Unique ways to make this Raksha Bandhan special & tie it together!
September 19,2017

3 Unique ways to make this Raksha Bandhan special & tie it together!

While most of us have a very profound love-hate relation with our siblings, Raksha Bandhan is Indian tradition’s way of saying ‘Today, it’s only about the LOVE!’It’s the one day of the year when you are legitimately not allowed to hate on your sibling and it is absolutely acceptable to smother him/her with love..in public! That’s what this festival is all about & here are 3 ways to make it different and special this year!

1. Donuts are the new laddoos: Replace the customary tradition of the great post Rakhi-tying laddoo exchange with donuts! Krispy Kreme are at your service, and we can almost assure you your sibling will be delighted!

Donuts are the new laddoos

2. Two of a kind: Instead of the usual gifts, this time, gift your sibling something you can both use. If you are gamers, then a 2-player video game works perfectly (Check out croma)! Else, movie tickets to his/her favourite film! Head over to PVR for some quality sibling bonding!

Two of a kind

3. The Big Picture: Besides being an excuse to give each other presents, it’s also a day to celebrate one of your oldest relationships! Get your sibling a nostalgic gift that he/she would keep forever – be it a framed photo of your childhood days or pen down your best memories on a handmade card! Check out Gifts of Love & Archies for everything you’ll need!

The Big Picture

If you still haven’t done your Rakhi Shopping, waste no more time! Come check out Kriti Creations, Archies, our special Rakhi Bazaar and more for all kinds of traditional as well as new-age rakhis, decorative trays, tikkas, envelopes and anything else you could need! So take your time to plan the perfect presents for your siblings!

Make it special and make it memorable, because it’s the one person with whom you can be yourself -you come from the same family of crazy!

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