5 Different Ways to Wear Your Hair
5 Different Ways to Wear Your Hair
September 15,2017

5 Different Ways to Wear Your Hair

There is nothing worse than the summer sun ruining that perfectly kept mane of yours. Hair that you take such good care of through out the year can get oily, limp and damaged in the summer months, especially during the Delhi heat wave.

So we thought we would give you some quick ideas on how to keep them as glossy and glamorous this entire season.

1) Wear them in a Coil:

What we love about this look is, it transports you back to the early renaissance period in Europe, where women wore their hair in coils. The look is easy to put together and is great for people with oval faces, as it adds a dash of softness to the face. We recommend you get some funky bobby pins to keep the hair intact or use some styling gel. Both of which are available at the many stores at Select CITYWALK.

2) Try the Braid: 
This style is summer chic, and it couldn’t be easier to put together. This look can be adopted during the daytime, when you’re out for a casual meal with friends, or at night, with a formal dress. The braids go with anything. Sephora at Select CITYWALK has a range of styling products to ensure that your braid stays put, through out the day or night.

3) Classic Waves:

There is nothing sexier than the old-Hollywood waves—like the ones Amanda Seyfried’s been known to sport. These waves rank highest on the glam’o’meter and the style is perfect for when you want to look classy as well as trendy. To add a little more panache to the look, shop at Accessorize at Select CITYWALK and get a range of hair accessories to go with the hairstyle.

4) The Flamboyant ponytail:

There is nothing more chic than a well-styled ponytail, especially in the summer months when your hair can get disturbingly messy. While this style is the easiest to achieve, it does need a do-over during the day. Which is why we recommend you buy any of the mini styling hairbrushes from The Body Shop. To keep your hair tangle free and groomed to perfection.

5) Sexy Pixie Cut:

Incase your considering a new haircut this summer, we suggest you try the ultra-sexy pixie cut. The pixie cut has been supported by the likes of Halle Berry’s and Anne Hathaway. It’s a hairstyle that is perfect for the summer as it helps you beat the heat while adding layers of chicness to your look. We recommend you visit LOOKS, the best hair and beauty salon in Select CITYWALK to get this look.

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