5 reasons Independence Day is one of the best holidays
5 reasons Independence Day is one of the best holidays
September 19,2017

5 reasons Independence Day is one of the best holidays

Admit it: We love our freedom! Be it the freedom to shop, to eat, to wear whatever we want, to travel – freedom is definitely not overrated!

So in our everyday celebration of our many freedoms, let’s not forget to acknowledge the most important kind – the freedom of our country. Here are 5 reasons to celebrate Independence Day:

1. Free pass to sleep – It’s a national holiday! Come on! With only 3 national holidays a year, we’d be crazy to leave any un-celebrated. That means sleeping in past noon and no feeling guilty! You officially have the FREEDOM to sleep!

Free pass to sleep

2. Freedom to wear clashing colors – It’s the only day of the year when you can wear saffron, white & green & it’ll never be counted as a fashion faux pas! If there’s every a day to rock that tricolor, it’s today!

Freedom to wear clashing colors

3. Freedom to shop – Even though it’s the one day of the year when everything is closed. We are open! You have the freedom to celebrate shopping at Select CITYWALK!

Freedom to shop

4. Freedom from work – You are officially allowed to be as lazy as you want! A day off from work and no chores is about as good as it gets! Relish it!

Freedom from work
5. Freedom to be shamelessly patriotic – It’s the one day of the year when you’re allowed to FREELY unleash your patriotic, loyal, proud-of-my-country side! Because it’s one of the few days of the year when everyone comes together, and stands united!

Freedom to be shamelessly patriotic

We may not always show it or even admit it, we may often be caught up in ourselves and today’s globalized world, but the fact is there’s a patriotic Indian in all of us – the one who screams loudest at cricket matches, who stands when they play our national anthem, who secretly tears up in patriotic Bollywood movies. It’s this person in us who makes us all one and besides being a much-needed long weekend holiday, today is about celebrating that!

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