A New Year – A Whole New World
A New Year – A Whole New World
December 30, 2021

A New Year – A Whole New World

Stepping into a new year is like waking up to a new world. The only thing that has changed, however, is you. Your own determination to live a better life. That is precisely why we come up with New Year resolutions. 2022 brings with it new hope and joy that promises to shed the dark times we have faced these past couple of years. What is your resolve for the year ahead? Here are a few new year’s resolutions that must make it to your list.

Focus on Health

This is possibly on top of everyone’s agenda these days. Focusing on health and fitness need not be as daunting as it looks. Making small changes – switching to whole grains, cutting down on trans-fat and packaged foods, increasing fluid intake, cutting down on alcohol intake – can go a long way in boosting your immunity, helping you shed extra weight, and living a healthier life.

Live the Good Life

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to focus on your quality of life. Mental health is the keyword for 2022. Indulge in activities that bring you joy, join a club, connect with friends and loved ones, and take a break from the fast-paced life you have been leading. Taking up a relaxing activity for yoga and meditation should be your priorities for the upcoming year. Select CITYWALK hosts events featuring yoga, dance, and similar activities from time to time. Join in!

Go Green

It’s time we realise that caring for the environment is in fact caring for our own selves. Make the new year a start to a new lifestyle. Become a plant owner, plant a tree or two in your neighbourhood and start caring for them. Ditch the use of plastics and go green with natural, biodegradable products. Make the world a better place and your environment too. Buy some of the most beautiful flowerpots from the Good Earth store and Home Stop and start your organic kitchen garden too.

Start a Skincare Regimen

Having a perfect hair day is not a dream – it is an achievable goal. Start a daily skincare regimen with natural brands such as Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials. Clean, hydrate, and moisturise your skin every day for a natural glow. Use natural herbal oils and sulfate-free hair products to watch your hair grow long and naturally shiny this year.

Get Active

After emerging from a long lockdown and social distancing protocol, it is time to get moving once again. Pick your workout essentials at Decathlon. Pick from cardio equipment, indoor cycling, and world-class fitness equipment. Make fitness fun and get in shape at the same time. Shop for all your activewear at the Adidas and Nike store while you are at it.

Indulge your hobbies

It is time you start putting yourself and your interests in the spotlight. Explore the Cromā and Imagine stores at Select CITYWALK and gift yourself the gift of reading and music with the latest Kindle and iPod to keep you company throughout the year.

Make your new year’s resolutions your lifestyle goal for the upcoming year. Select CITYWALK and our store partners wish you a wonderful and fulfilling new year 2022.