My attitude, my style, my fragrance!
My attitude, my style, my fragrance!
September 15,2017

My attitude, my style, my fragrance!

Fresh and flirty during the day and sultry and mysterious at night…for me wearing the appropriate fragrance and smellinggreat is the only way to stand outamongst a crowd.Want to gain some enemies? Wear the classiest, most expensive outfit you own and don’t splash on some perfume during your next outing. I promise you’ll never meet that set of people again. Fragrances can build a great first impression or a lasting bad one!

It is precisely for this reason that I never let my stock of perfumes run out… Every change of season I ensure that I have enough to last me through the next 3 months.

So this great perfumerie at Select CITYWALK called Perfume Couture is the most convenient way of getting all my favorite perfumes for which I would otherwise run to the duty free at the place where I love to Go shopping.
Knowledgeable and helpful staff, a wide variety of brands and a complete understanding of what the consumer want is just what keeps me coming back for more!

So the next time you’re confused about which perfume suits your body, which fragrance to wear in the day or at night or you just want to lose yourself in a world of beautiful smells…just come over and get a whiff of your personality reflected in a fragrance at Perfume Couture at Select CITYWALK!

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