Autumn Skin Care Tips That You Can Count On
September 09, 2021

Autumn Skin Care Tips That You Can Count On

I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift.” – Dodinsky

There is so much to love about the fall season. Autumn unravels nature’s bounty and brings us the best of both worlds. Add to this the excitement of the oncoming festive season and the launch of the seasonal fashion line, and it is not difficult to understand why autumn is the favourite season for most people. Autumn, however, does tend to be hard on the skin and scalp. The onset of the cold months calls for a dedicated skincare regimen. Let’s look at some of the top skincare tips for this season to give your skin the softness and glow that it needs.

Welcome the winter with body butter

Cold reams are passé. Replace the heavy dull creams with body butters that give your skin a buttery smooth texture and are the perfect antidote to parched, dry skin. The Body Shop’s Cocoa Body Butter, Shea Body Butter, and Argan Oil Body Butter are perfect for dry skin while Fuji Green Tea Body Butter, British Rose Body Butter, and Strawberry Body Butter are ideal for balanced and oily skin types. Keep away dryness and keep smelling fragrant.


Give your hair the natural advantage

Hair fall and loss of volume couples with limp, lifeless hair is a common autumn problem most women face. The scalp tends to lose its natural oil and dandruff also adds to the skin and scalp challenges of the season. Experts recommend going all-natural. Opt for Kama Ayurveda’s Bringadi Hair Cleanser with an Ayurveda-based formulation that is clinically proven to reduce hair fall, dandruff, and treat oily scalp. It is sulphate and paraben-free and contains the goodness of Bringraj and Amla which cleanses, volumizes, and conditions hair naturally.


Move over soap, hello gel

Dry, itchy, flaky skin – the hallmark of the colder months. It’s time to say goodbye to soap and extend a warm hello to bath and shower gels that keep your skin supple and glowing. The Bath and Body Works Sunshine Mimosa Shower Gel comes with an added dose of sunflower oil, aloe, and vitamin E to keep your skin healthy and nourished. The non-dry formula is perfect for cleansing without drying.


Do not forget the sun

We tend to forget all about sun damage through the fall and winter months. It is a popular misconception that sunscreen is only for the summer months. The harmful UV rays of the sun can do just as much damage during the cold months as they can in summer. Enlist the aid of Clinique’s Even Better Makeup Foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 which comes with a fabulous purifying formula that removes pollution and excess oil, while providing your skin flawless texture.


Hydration and makeup package

With the festive season coming up, it’s time to turn to make-up once again. This season, however, pick out makeup products with natural ingredients and oils for protection, beauty, and moisturisation. The Anar Rasa Tinted Lip Serum from Forest Essentials tinted lip moisturizer is enriched with natural pomegranate juice and pure cow’s ghee. Bursting with flavour, the serum moisturises and gives your lips a delicate ruby red tint that keeps you in the spotlight.


We at Select CITYWALK and our store partners welcome the beautiful autumn season with the best of skin and hair care range. We look forward to giving you a great Fall/Winter fashion shopping experience.

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