Beat the heat with these bowl-ed out affairs!
June 04, 2019

Beat the heat with these bowl-ed out affairs!

Shopping can be pretty exhausting, particularly during summer when carrying those heavy bags really does seem like a task. Whether you are at the mall for some serious splurging or simply there to kill a few hours, walking around checking different outlets is a sure-fire way to work up an appetite. Finding a great eatery to binge at, post a happy shopping expedition is the perfect relief for many. Giving your summer food escapades the right direction are the different eateries at Select CITYWALK. You will be spoilt for choice with these summer dishes that are absolutely drool- worthy.

The House Salad- Andrea’s Eatery

Consuming a serving of leafy greens each day can be one of the best habits to adopt- summer or winter. Summer salads include a number of veggies and fruits that help one stay cool naturally without compromising on either the taste or the nutrition.

Power packed with flavour, The House Salad of Andreas Eatery is a concoction of creamy goat cheese, crunchy pine nuts, bitter young rocket and bright orange segments. What takes the salad over the edge is the tangy, sharp, perfectly balanced dressing. Have it guilt-free, for it’s delicious and healthy in every way.

Mushroom and avocado Salad and Summer Coolers- Yum Yum Cha

It’s no surprise that avocados are some of the most refreshing summer food staples. What better than adding to the goodness with mushrooms? Not just yummy but pretty too, mushroom and avocado salad by Yum Yum Cha is a buttery ripe avocado dish, mixed with mushroom, filled back into the avocado shell. It is served atop a stone resembling bowl with leafy dressing, chilly and lime.

The salad is so delicious; you wouldn’t be satisfied with just one serving. Plus, it can be a pretty addition to your Instagram feed. For drinks, do not underestimate the power of summer coolers that offer a refreshing take to beat the heat. From shikanjis to watermelon chillers, one has a variety of options to choose from.

Oh No Na Nat Thi – Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room

What’s better than a delight for you sweet tooth after an exhausting shopping session? While no one would blame you for sampling all the offerings, popping in to grab a sweet treat is a good way, to begin with.

Burmese desserts are refreshing summer treats. After all, Burmese people know a thing or two about the sweltering heat. One of the most famous, served at Burma Burma Saket is Oh No Na Nat Thi a.k.a Coco Pina. A far cry from the usual desserts, Oh No Na Nat Thi is chilled coconut custard with caramelized pineapple and toffee, all components complementing each other perfectly.

Shakes- IHOP

The best shakes combine great nutrition and even better flavour. Cool and creamy shakes make for ideal summer quenchers. Coveted for its American breakfast menu, IHOP is the place to be at if you are on a quest to find the best refreshing drinks in town.

Prepared from fresh fruits, the shakes available at IHOP are nothing but divine. The sheer variety available ensures all your favourite ingredients are well-covered. While you’re at it, do try their pancakes which are an absolute delight!

Beat the heat with these bowl-ed out affairs!

Helping you tolerate the burning weather, these amazing dishes at Select CITYWALK are ideal to cool down in a jiffy!