Beauty trend of the season: Power Pouts!
Beauty trend of the season: Power Pouts!
September 15,2017

Beauty trend of the season: Power Pouts!

A recent trend that’s been taking the world by storm, that’s seen the likes of Angelina Jolie, Beyonce to Scarlett Johanssen and our very  own Priyanka Chopra sporting it, is the POWER POUT!

Whether you have a sleek and slender mouth or you’re a full-lipped beauty, this is one trend that will surely accentuate and make your lips oh-so-desirable!

The mechanics of this trend are simple;
The lipsticks you use should preferably be a matte finish color, especially as they don’t bleed in the summer and you can use it with or without a lip-liner, however, the only condition is – the color you use must be awe-inspiring and how! Use the brightest cherry red, most shocking pinks, scintillating oranges, exotic peaches and more…the list is endless! The bolder the shade, the hotter the look!

Power Pout

Catch up with this trend at any of the beauty stores at Select CITYWALK! Here are a list of our favorites that are must try:
Ruby Woo from MAC, Shade 421 from Inglot, shades from NYX and Dior available at Sephora or Chanel’s all new matte range!

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