Being Indian – Bring Education and Joy to All with Select CITYWALK
January 25, 2021

Being Indian – Bring Education and Joy to All with Select CITYWALK

Being Indian is a matter of pride and joy, particularly in this age when the world is looking towards our great nation for leadership and solutions. 26 January, Republic Day, is the occasion we celebrate across the country and commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution. We, at Select CITYWALK, herald this momentous day with a pledge to renew focus on education for all.

Our great country is one of the most populous nations in the world. For us to succeed and retain our rightful place at the helm of the world, we must focus on education, skills development, and self-reliance (Atma nirbharta). Apart from government initiatives, we the people must do our bit to spread the joy and light of education to every section of society. The Right To Education is a basic right that every child of India deserves to exercise.


The Republic Day decor at Select CITYWALK reflects the pride and joy of being Indian. Tricolour feathers done the interiors, reflecting the joy and buoyancy with which we herald the 72nd Republic Day of India. This is a reminder to us that along with inalienable Fundamental Rights, our constitution also mentions Fundamental Duties that we must shoulder. Our store partners have resolved to support local businesses and also to endeavour to reduce the use of paper and plastics in an eco-friendly drive. Visit Select CITYWALK and shop to avail of the numerous Republic Day deals and discounts on offer. Make this a day of celebration, of unity, of national pride.

In keeping with our social responsibility, Select CITYWALK has partnered with the non-profit and charity organization Aarohan to donate laptops to students from economically weaker sections of our society. In the post-pandemic scenario, education has gone largely online and it is our resolve that we shall let no child remain deprived of the ability to gain a fruitful education.


As part of the Select CITYWALK family, we invite you to be part of this noble initiative and spread the gift of learning. We have initiated a book donation drive at the Select CITYWALK mall. We welcome you to walk in and drop off all your pre-loved books which can be passed on as gifts to others in need. Our book donation stall shall be open till 30 January 2021. Books, they say, are the best gifts one can give. They light up our lives and that of those we gift them to.


On the occasion of India’s Republic Day let us bring together more people who are passionate about making education possible for every child.

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