The big fat Punjabi Wedding
The big fat Punjabi Wedding
September 15,2017

The big fat Punjabi Wedding

There’s a wedding in my family next week!
And weddings mean only one thing… good food, good clothes, good-looking boys…and most importantly good make-up! Ok, so they mean more than one thing!

The point is, when I looked into my cosmetics cabinet, I realized I need some loot!

Big wedding means new cosmetics! So I headed over to CITYWALK to get all my favorite make-up brands under one roof!
Every time I step into MAC, it feels like a royal experience. The girls seated me on those high-topped chairs and got down to business.
At the end of it, I had got for myself every conceivable product required to create a flawless foundation on my face.

But I knew that I all the awesome eyeshadow colors, I would only get at one place…so I headed over to Inglot. Just to look at the huuuuuuuuuuuge color palette that they have is enough to get you mesmerized. I picked up matching eyeshadows and lip colours for all my outfits! I even picked up a beautiful smoky black for the bachelorette party… what better time to go bold!!!

Next stop was Color Bar for nail paints of every conceivable shade, I picked up many more than I needed to, but it was all worth it, as I can wear any color and have a nail paint to go with it!

A quick look at L’AFFAIRE to see the latest designer trends in Indian wear, and I’m all set for the wedding.

Now only to get my dance steps right for the sangeet! Bring on the Big fat Punjabi Wedding!

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