Birthdays are just another reason to Shop!
Birthdays are just another reason to Shop!
September 15,2017

Birthdays are just another reason to Shop!

Day before yesterday was my best friend’s birthday!
Having done the usual presents the sentimental gifts and numerous surprise parties, thistime I wanted to do something really special! You see, she’s recently gone single and needed a bit if cheering up! So…what are best friends for right?

So what could I do, what should I do… I was racking my brains!

A surprise visit from some old friend??? No… she might end up getting a shock!
A message in the newspaper??? Eeeeyyuckh..she’d probably disown me for being that corny!
Maybe I could bake a cake??? And she’d die on her very own birthday of food poisoning!

Then it came to me…every year we spend our as a countdown towards the party at night, so why not make this birthday “day” really count?
I came over to CITYWALK, my favourite shopping haunt, picked up a copy of their store directory and started chalking out my plan!
Before I knew it…I had a plan in place…”A day of fun… at Select CITYWALK”

So here’s the download:

10 am
I had a bunch of beautiful white lilies (her favorites) delivered to her house from F’nP Tahiliani. They smelled beautiful enough to snuggle in bed with!!! Plus FnP was a rockstar, all I did was tell them the address, tell them what I wanted and in the blink of an eye, it was all done and in place! I left a note with the flowers telling her that she should clear up her day because THIS birthday was going to be more fun than ever before!

12.30 pm
I picked her up and brought her to CITYWALK for lunch. Where else but Punjab Grill for her ever favorite yummy-in the-tummy mughlai food! Boy, do these guys know what they’re doing. The food was so good that we practically ate our fingers off. A dal and paneer for me and prawns and butter chicken for the hardcore meat-eating lioness with me! Uff..i could hear the animals wailing!

3.30 pm
So, on to the next surprise, she asked me what next? Are we heading home? But little did she know, the day had just begun!!
Next was time for a makeover! We headed over to Looks, the famous salon, now at CITYWALK tucked away on the 2nd floor next to Homestop. We stepped in, and I got her into one of the chairs and asked them to work their magic! One hour, and a manicure and haircut later, she got up looking like a total diva!! Ready for the nights party!

5 pm
Food and manicures?? Sure they’re great, but a girls true friend is only…Shopping! So she wanted a new bag and dress for the party at night. I’ve said this before and I say it again, CITYWALK truly is a haven for young girls, older girls, women, ladies…they’ll all fall in love not once, not twice but again and again with this place! Anyway, we headed over to Forever new, and got this beautiful pastel colored dress, which really made her feel

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