Bored at Home? Stir Up Your Routine!
May 05, 2021

Bored at Home? Stir Up Your Routine!

Happiness, laughter, love, and joy are all words that signify having a great and pleasant time. These are emotions we live for and aim to achieve every day in our lives. However, staying home for a long time, unable to meet our friends and family, not being able to head out has made it quite difficult to experience these for some time now. The gloomy vibe settling in has made us alien to these cheerful feelings.

Although the past year has taught us to never take anything for granted, it has also brought out the importance and impact of the little things in life and the joy they bring you. Who knew a simple morning coffee video call with family or a movie date with friends could be such a mood booster! Our fast-paced, hectic life schedule had taken us away from these activities and the realization of the endorphins they release.

As we continue to practice social distancing and stay indoors with the second wave of this deadly virus, we have some ways for you to make your time enjoyable and full of pleasure! In a pre-pandemic world, some of these might have seemed frivolous but right now, they are our best bet and a definite try for all those living at home.

1. Game night:

Be it in house with your family members or online with friends and family, this is a great way to ensure you have an entertaining time. The banter, the fights, the competition, and the sheer opportunity to somewhat recreate a pre-pandemic environment go a long way in building a vibrant environment within your house. Games like Pictionary, Ludo, Dumb charades, dance-offs, and Jenga are a big win nowadays for such nights. You can even just plan a dance or watch party with friends from your respective houses. Gives you a chance to dress up and do up your room as well!


2. Satisfy those taste buds:

Food is one thing that brings joy to everyone. Cooking in itself is often referred to as therapy. The science of creating art out of ingredients is often belittled. Not only is it relaxing to go through the whole process of preparing a meal, but the glee of a delicious meal savoured by you and everyone around is unparalleled. For all those foodies who enjoy devouring their meals but would rather stay away from the work station, aka kitchen, you always have the option of ordering some mouth-watering delicacies. Even though you can’t head out, Select CITYWALK has their famous restaurants and cafes open for delivery.


3. Pick up lost hobbies:

While munching on the couch might appear appealing initially, doing it repetitively is sure to become a headache. This is when the desire to head out or socialize grips you. To avoid that, switch up your routine. Think of hobbies you enjoyed as a kid could be gardening, reading, baking, cooking, painting or just anything. Mix it up and go one activity a day. This will allow your creative side to unleash and acts as a therapy to stay happy.


Our abodes are our sanctuary after all. Why not look for ways to turn these places into vibrant and welcoming dwellings? By indulging in activities as suggested above and many others around the house, we can ensure a positive, lively, and pleasant environment in our homes. So break the monotony and welcome some great times!

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