Bringing Tokyo to Delhi – Harajuku Tokyo Café at Select CITYWALK
February 09, 2021

Bringing Tokyo to Delhi – Harajuku Tokyo Café at Select CITYWALK

Konnichiwa! We at Select CITYWALK, have always believed in the glorious blending of cultures. Our mall premises are a melting pot of cuisines, fashion brands, beauty, and culture from across the globe. Adding to these rich flavours (quite literally) is the Harajuku Tokyo Café that recently opened up at Select CITYWALK.


Harajuku is not just a place – it is an emotion. Harajuku is a sublime experience of all the simple yet refined flavours that Japanese food has to offer. The Harajuku Tokyo Café brings to you the very best of sushi and ramen, Japanese street food, and the most delectable desserts and baked goods straight from this Tokyo neighbourhood. Done up with the quintessential white and pink décor that we expect of a Japanese street food eatery and boba tea corner, the Harajuku Tokyo Café makes the Tokyo experience complete with its painted murals, Manga comics, and claw machine. Here is the perfect experience of Shibuya right in the heart of Delhi.


Some of the tasty delicacies that you must try out at the Harajuku Tokyo Café, Select CITYWALK –

  • Bento Rice Bowls – Bursting with flavours, colours, and textures, the Katsu, Teriyaki, and Yakisoba rice bowl come in different vegetarian, chicken, and seafood options. Every bite is a delight!
  • Harajuku Croizza – Layers of light flaky crust topped with exotic vegetables and cheese – if you love both croissants and pizza, you will love this perfect croizza! And while you are at it, try out the other baked goodies such as the Curry Buns.
  • Dessert Delights – The Harajuku Tokyo Café’s menu of desserts and baked goods is nothing short of mind-boggling. And fun. And quirky. Try out the Jiggly Pancakes – the light-as-air all-day desserts that are served with ice cream and berries or with tiramisu and chocolate. Savour the delectable Melon Pans – a traditional Japanese sweet bread covered with a crumbly shortcrust, the flavoursome shortcake, and the melt-in-your-mouth macarons. And if you are looking for Kyoto parfait or in a variety of flavours or a rainbow cake to satiate your sweet tooth craving, you’re at the right place.
  • Sushi – Can’t visit a Japanese restaurant and not have your fill of sushi, right? The Harajuku Tokyo Café won’t disappoint. The sushi here is possibly the freshest and the best in town.
  • Boba Tea – Love boba tea or pearl milk tea? The Harajuku Tokyo Café has an entire section dedicated to bubble tea lovers. The flavours will leave you spoilt for choice.



We welcome February with the most amazing culinary delights of Tokyo and the heady experiences of Harajuku street food. Walk into Select CITYWALK and be transported into the wonderful land of the rising sun.

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