Brrr! It’s freezing but fun – Winter shopping with Select CITYWALK
December 07, 2021

Brrr! It’s freezing but fun – Winter shopping with Select CITYWALK

It’s that time of the year. The nipping cold makes us want to stay snuggled in the warmth of our beds but the world gets so much more exciting, we can’t resist getting out. All the year-end parties, weddings, and daytime picnics are quite enough to get us going. Add to this the trendy Autumn-Winter line and the yummiest, freshest of foods and you know why winter is the favourite season of most people. Here are some fashion trends from Select CITYWALK that will tide you over the cold season with panache.

‘Living it up’ jackets

Live it up while you dress it down, they say. We’re sure they didn’t have winters in mind. This is the perfect season to dress it up and live it up. Go fashion-forward with this oversized wool-blend popover jacket from our store partner H&M to keep the cold out and to turn up the heat. This jacket blends in with both formal and casual wear making it the perfect choice for your winter wardrobe.

Formal Makeover


Winters just made power dressing all the more stylish and in. Stylish suits, coats and blazers, straight-cut pants, and elegant shirts are all in. They are just what you need on a winter day. The Night Fever jacket from Satya Paul in black polyester crepe with satin trimmings is both versatile and powerful. This double-breasted jacket can be paired up with a crop top, blouse, or dress to exude mystery and strength.

Trendy knee-length boots from Charles & Keith

Trendy knee-length boots from Charles & Keith

With the temperatures taking a dip, it’s a great idea to jazz up your footwear by picking out a pair of knee-length boots that complement all your western wear. Slip into these beauties from Charles & Keith and turn a boring outfit trendy. These boots come in black and taupe. What is more is that a pair of well-chosen, sophisticated women’s boots never goes out of fashion and remains a favourite!

Time to Go Desi

Time to Go Desi

Stoles, dupattas, wraps are always in fashion. And so are “desi” designs. So 1469 decided to put these two together coming up with an amazing line of handmade and machine-made stoles, dupattas, turbans, and accessories. Each of these showcases unique Punjabi motifs and graphics. Take pride in the quirks of your language, your heritage, your legacy. Wear your culture close to your heart as you step out this winter.

Health is IN


If there is one thing that never goes out of fashion, it is soft, supple, and glowing skin. This may be quite difficult to achieve in winters but not with the Forest Essentials Nargis Afterbath Oil. This exceptional water-soluble oil refreshes the skin while making it silky smooth at the same time. It is a blend of pure, naturally distilled essential oils in a cold-pressed oil base. It contains organically grown herbs. The Nargis flower infusion will leave you glowing and smelling fragrant all day.

Step into Select CITYWALK, shop for the season’s latest trends, and let our year-end décor and special events bring you the warmth you need.

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