Nexus Select CITYWALKCelebrating the Monochrome Affaire
Celebrating the Monochrome Affaire
January 30,2018

Celebrating the Monochrome Affaire

The vintage monochrome or the black & white tone in photography is unmatched in its beauty. The sharp contrast of the light against the dark elements in photos can be breathtaking. Even in its simplicity, black and white photos somehow amplify the emotions and the feelings visible on screen or on print! Therefore, is it any wonder that this filter from the past gets the same amount of love, if not more, in today’s time?

Nexus Select CITYWALK revisits the grand affair with black and white photography with a photography contest for all those who love to step behind the lens and capture a moment. The contest titled Monochrome Affaire invites you to use the best of your photography skills to capture a beautiful moment within a frame.

So what can you take a photo of for this contest? Some of your photo subjects can be:

Your Pet:

Pets are that part of the family that sometimes feel closer than that. Brimming with unconditional love and kisses, they often become central to our photo clicking sessions. This time, make the most of animal photography in black and white to get them at their best.




Landscape photography has always been popular, with photographers challenging themselves to get the best part of nature within a rectangle. A sunrise or a sunset against gleaming skies can land you stunning results!



Still Life:

Can an exhibition of photos be complete without the basic yet the most compelling form of photography – with stills. Push yourself to define sharp silhouettes, play with minimalism to get jaw-dropping captures in two tones.




Food photography stands out because of the colours that pop out of the screen in an aesthetically pleasant manner. Challenge your buddies to capture the essence of food – be it a cup of coffee or a plate of your favourite dessert – in all its monochrome glory!



The tones of black & white can make you a contest winner! Click here to submit your entries and stand a chance to have your photos displayed at an exclusive photo exhibition at Nexus Select CITYWALK on 9th Feb 2018.

Stay tuned to our social media for updates on the #MonochromeAffaire!