Conveniently Stressfree!
Conveniently Stressfree!
September 15,2017

Conveniently Stressfree!

I came to know about 6 months ago that we are going to be blessed with a beautiful child in our family! Verging on the edge of being over-protective, I have watched over my wife like a hawk sine then!
But being the shopaholic that she is, nothing can stop her from her weekly trips to Select CITYWALK. Especially now when she has another person to shop for too!
So one day she came back from her shopping spree with a long list of things for the baby – Bassinets, baby toiliteries, little diapers, clothes, toys, bibs, a pram…everything the baby could need, all that she had put together from Mothercare, Mom & me and Chicco!

It was when I saw the big pile on my bed that I asked her how she managed to lug everything around…and before an argument could commence she told me about the Select CITYWALK Handsfree shopping service! At a very nominal rate, you can have someone help you with carrying all your shopping bags, and even deliver the goods to your car! SO she had a long leisure day of shopping, grabbed some lunch and enjoyed herself without having to worry about the millions of things she had bought.
In the end, they dropped her back to the car, stored all her shopping bags in the trunk, and actually helped her along the way!
Thanks Select CITYWALK for making my wife’s trip so special and comfortable!

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