Nexus Select CITYWALKCurb Those Desi Cravings!
Curb Those Desi Cravings!
September 20,2017

Curb Those Desi Cravings!

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like.”
– Mark Twain

We’ve all had those days when we just want to go out and silence that hungry little monster living in our bellies!  Some days it’s craving Italian, some days it’s Chinese, and some days it’s Indian! For those days, Nexus Select CITYWALK has a few magnificent culinary experiences just waiting to happen!

Whenever that monster starts to grumble for some Desi flavors, you’ve got to look no further than your favorite shopping destination!

Our journey will now move northwards into the mouthwatering flavors of Northern India and Mughlai cuisine. Pind Balluchi is the perfect place to find a feast fit for an emperor! Start of with a delicious Jalandhari Raan- a succulent leg of a lamb in their specialty marination topped with a special sauce. Their Chef’s Special Mutton Shahi Korma is one for the books, this succulent boneless mutton cuts, simmered in chef’s special almond and nuts gravy is absolutely yum! The Hari Mirch Ki Roti is an excellent choice to spice things up too!

Mutton Shahi Korma

Another brilliant north Indian place to drop by is Punjab Grill! The exquisite interiors set a relaxing atmosphere, and the aroma of the food floating around is enough to make your belly growl! Make sure you order the Bhatti Ka Murg Tikki, which is served on the bone and is absolutely juicy! The Meat Punjab Grill has the most tender mutton prime cuts, paired with the Keema Naan is a match made in heaven! Bring your meal to a traditional end with a warm and gooey Gulab Jamun!

Bhatti Ka Murg Tikki

Now if the hungry little monster in your belly is a vegetarian, we have something you’ll definitely adore! Walk into Sattvik and prepare yourself for a delightful array of veggie north Indian food. One taste of the Makhmali Kofta with Zaffrani Gravy and you’ll fall in love with the paneer in Spanish saffron infused gravy! Don’t forget to put the icing on the cake with a helping of Home-Made Natural Ice Creams; ask your server for the special choice of the day. The perfect end to a perfect meal!

Makhmali Kofta with Zaffrani Gravy

So the next time hunger strikes, you’ll know just where to head! Your absolute favorite shopping center has just what you need to curb that Desi craving!