Diary of an App Addict
Diary of a App Addict
September 19,2017

Diary of an App Addict

2013 is almost over and if you’ve been glued to a screen while the year flew by, you would know that it’s been a tech-heavy year! With so many cool new apps, softwares and gadgets on the block, it’s impossible to look away from the screen for even a minute!

Between all the awesome games and applications giving us more reasons to be addicted to our devices, there are a few social apps that topped the charts this year. Here are the top 5 social networking apps of 2013:

1. Instagram – Though instagram wasn’t born in 2013, this year it went to another level! It’s given millions of people another reason to join the photo-mania and make everything look super artistic! With Instagram Video (and the newly introduced Instagram direct) coming into ‘the picture’, everyone with a smartphone is now an ace photographer! Isn’t that #InstaAwesome? Follow SelectCITYWALK on Instagram! https://www.selectcitywalk.com/

2. Snapchat – You may love it, you may hate it – but we can’t deny that with ‘Selfie’ being the new ‘word of the year’, Snapchat has become super-popular! Whether you are in your sweatpants or on your way to work – the best part is, you don’t have to look your best, because every picture can only be viewed for a few seconds. Here are some really cool snapchat ideas: http://bit.ly/19nvdDe

3. Vine – the simplest app to create and share looping videos, Vine has become one of the most popular and most downloaded app of the year! It’s the easiest way to see the world at its quirkiest best! From videos of your dog to videos of your friends – make a super funny looping video out of your best moments! Check out some of the best vines here: https://web.archive.org/web/20220707232240/http://www.bestvines.org/

4. Foursquare – A location based app that tells you what’s near where you are – what could be more convenient! You can even check in to all the places as you visit them, so you and your friends can keep a track of all the places you’ve visited – including Select CITYWALK! No wonder it’s one of the most popular apps! Don’t forget to check in next time.

5. Spotify – Music-buffs, this is your GOLD. Not only can you listen to your favourite songs and create playlists, you can also get access to your friends’ playlists!

If you’re an app-freak you probably know all the coolest apps worth downloading! Don’t miss the Select CITYWALK app available for iOS and Android! Download it now to know everything about the world of CITYWALK!

2013 was definitely not a letdown in the app-world! Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

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