Nexus Select CITYWALKFasting to Feasting – Navratri Food at Nexus Select CITYWALK
October 12, 2021

Fasting to Feasting – Navratri Food at Nexus Select CITYWALK

There is something extraordinarily beautiful about these 9 days. It is about the Goddess and it is also about the faith, the fervour, and the fun we have. Dedicating ourselves to righteousness and celebrating all things good is the best way to uphold the Navratri spirit. It is in commemoration of this spirit that we undertake a fast during this period. It is important to remember that fasting does not necessarily require us to give up on food and starve. The prescribed food for festive days is high on Satvik qualities that help us purify our thoughts and acquire more virtues. Nexus Select CITYWALK restaurant partners are here to transform your Navratri fasting into a veritable feast. Here are some of our restaurants you must visit.



The Sattvik Navratri Thali is inspired by the traditional Vratt ka Khana tradition and culinary flavours of India. It features some of the best-loved dishes including Roasted Paneer with Pomegranate Tomato Chutney, Sabudana and Peanuts Crusted Fritters, Makhana, and Raw Banana ke Dahi Bhalle, Cashew Stuffed Paneer Cigars in Tomato Gravy, Anjeer Gular in Palak Gravy, Samak Rice Pulao, Kuttu Poori, and Sharifa Malai. It is vegan, high on protein, and absolutely delicious.

Punjab Grill


Take a break from the regular butter chicken and naan staples. Do not miss out on Punjab Grill’s special vegan, no onion-garlic Navratri special thali. Designed especially for the festive season by Chef Sareen Madhiyan, this thali includes the most delectable dishes such as Shakarkandi Kamrakh Chaat, Sabudhana Bhel, Samak Rice, Chironji Dal, Koshimbir Salad, and Kesari Petha.

Pind Balluchi


Pind Balluchi has a wonderful tradition of presenting a colourful and delightful Navratri vrat thali for its guests each year. The subtle flavours and the decadent aromas are as gastronomically stimulating as the thali is beautiful. It includes dishes like Vrat Lassi, Shahi Paneer, Aloo Tamatar ki Subzi, Vrat Rice, Cucumber Raita, and Sabudana Kheer. The thali is perfect for those who wish to stick to a vegetarian, no onion-garlic menu this festive season.

Masala Trail


The Masala Trail by Osama Jalali is famous for bringing the iconic Old Delhi flavours into mainstream vegetarian cuisine. The Navratri special thali from The Masala Trail is one of the best festive meals you will have this season. The thali includes classic favourites such as Aloo Dahi Subzi, Paneer Makhani, Sabudana Tikkis, Arbi Subzi, Kutti Pooris, Samak Rice, Salads, and Raita. This is their way of declaring – let the feasting begin!

The Navratri is a time for joy and celebration. Always include your family, friends, and the underprivileged in your festivities. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Navratri from Nexus Select CITYWALK.