Our Favourite Diva Sushmita Sen at Select CITYWALK
Our Favourite Diva Sushmita Sen at Select Citywalk
September 19,2017

Our Favourite Diva Sushmita Sen at Select CITYWALK

Celebrity Alert at Select CITYWALK! The gorgeous and sophisticated, Sushmita Sen visited us yesterday and can we just say – we were absolutely enamored by her intelligent humor and striking personality.

We were delighted to find how much the glamorous superstar enjoyed shopping at some of our best cosmetic & beauty stores, jewelry stores, and many others! A complete fashionista and clearly a style expert, she spent quality time trying out a variety of lipstick shades and many beautiful earrings! Her Diwali Gift shopping revealed her traditional side as she went gaga over all the ethnic Diwali goodies!

But Sen is much more than a shopaholic! We discovered her compassionate and empathetic side when she couldn’t help but spend time in the Roko Cancer stall, and played with the little children – a true humanitarian! She feels strongly about the cause and often takes an initiative to contribute.

A trendy, modern woman with respect for nature and social consciousness, Sushmita Sen is the true personification of what Select CITYWALK stands for and the values it is based on. She was gracious enough to get photographed with the CITYWALK team!
She is charming, strong-willed and independent and epitomizes the modern Indian woman. We were thrilled to have her #GoShopping at Select CITYWALK!

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