Fitness tips to help you achieve your wellness Goals
Fitness tips to help you achieve your wellness Goals
September 15,2017

Fitness tips to help you achieve your wellness Goals

Jim Rohn, an American author and motivational speaker once famously said, “take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”. We often forget this reality. We forget that it’s only in the balance of wellness and fitness that a person lives a healthy life.
This week, we thought we would share 5 Fitness tips with you that would help you achieve your wellness goals.

1) Workout daily: Exercising helps release endorphins that can combat stress, anxiety and weight gain. At Select CITYWALK you can get started on working on your health by signing up at Fitness First and getting a free 1-day trial.

2) Adequate Sleep: If your body is suffering from sleep deprivation, and needs a little relaxation exercise, we recommend you come to Select CITYWALK and buy some great bath oils from brands like The Body Shop or Lush. Having a luxurious hot water bath before going to bed helps relax your body and mind.

3) Healthy Diet and Nutrition: A good work out and a balanced diet go hand in hand and one without the other isn’t effective. So next time your at Select CITYWALK, don’t forget to drop by the food bazar to get a plate of nutritional meals.

4) Meditate: Meditation is known to reduce stress and increase feelings of peace, serenity, joy, and spiritual faith. Fitness first at Select CITYWALK has a range of Yoga classes to choose from that practice meditation.

5) Dietary Supplements and vitamins: Some of the most popular dietary supplements are Fish oil, Omega 3, Multi-Vitamins, all of which can be found at Guardian GNC Livewell, Pharmacy at Select CITYWALK.

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