From flab to fab…the story of a fitness convert!
From flab to fab…the story of a fitness convert!
September 15,2017

From flab to fab…the story of a fitness convert!

Dear chocolate-loving me,
If you feel fat and frumpy, do something about it!
Lots of love and weights,
Sometimes it’s good to eat-a-salad-too Me

Feels good to get that off my chest. Now, for some more venting.
I love food.
Appetizers, desserts, chocolates, paranthas, fast food, Chinese, lebanese, Italian… you name it and I love it!
Therefore it comes as no surprise that I need a fair share of workout to burn off those extra calories. However, this was something I did not realize while sitting in front of my TV and chomping on a bag of chips!
5 extra kgs, and innumerable candies later, I decided that I needed to start some kind of a fitness regime.
A friend of mine had been raving about the Fitness First platinum at Select CITYWALK and how they had some amazing equipment, trainers and other facilities. So much so, that she actually looked forward to her workout!
Doubting that my friend was in fact an alien from outer space, I went with her to check out this gym. Stepping in, I realized that my first mistake was calling it a “gym”. It is not just that, it’s a gym, a lounge, a steam, sauna, cyber café and much more all packed into one!
The latest workout equipment and machinery is laid out in front of you, as soon as you enter the 5th floor of Select CITYWALK, where Fitness First platinum is located! Right next to the weights section is a room dedicated to a spinning/cycling class. Having now attended one of those sessions, I vouch for the fact that it is one of the most effective workouts ever! The functional training area is teeming with trainers all working towards making sure that you have a great time while you work out! Exactly what a slacker like me needs!
Stepping up to the 6th floor, there is a café/lounge that they have created which infact overlooks a beautiful view of the city and of the sunset! You can sit there, sip on a cup of coffee, catch a flick on the flatscreen, read up a magazine or surf the net on the Mac books!…Feel tempted yet??? ;-)
On one corner of the floor they have a group exercise studio where they hold really exciting classes to help you burn off the extra calories all the while making you have fun!
Yoga, Step class, aerobics, Hip-hop…the list is endless!
Even the changing rooms are comfortable and lavish., Steam sauna, and extremely clean bathing areas! Must-have for me!
All in all, Fitness First has made me a convert, I am proud to report that I am now a regular gym-goer, I have lost 4 of the 5 extra kgs, and I actually enjoyed it!(Maybe the aliens really have invaded)
Regardless, do you want to give it a try?

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