Food, Fun, Fiesta With Select CITYWALK
December 08, 2020

Food, Fun, Fiesta With Select CITYWALK

Good times come with good food; sweet encounters are always made more memorable with great meals. Scrumptious meals are at the very heart of some of our best memories. Like the long winter days are always made better by a piping hot bowl of soup or vegetable stew. The cold months are indeed every foodie’s favourite. The bright and wonderful variety of fresh vegetables and fruits make for the most delightful meals.

We at Select CITYWALK understand that shopping and entertainment in the winter months are made both hearty and wholesome by the hot meals served at the wonderful restaurants and eateries on our premises. The sheer variety of cuisines and gastronomic experiences offered by the restaurants at Select CITYWALK can be mind-boggling and undeniably tempting at the same time.

If you are a passionate gourmand who loves the light but flavorsome experience of European and American-inspired food, Sly Granny is sure to top your list of favourite restaurants in town. This winter, delve into a whole world of culinary wonders, melting cheese, steaming ravioli, or a traditional Shepard’s pie. Sly Granny is a definite must visit!


Moving on to some of the healthiest but tastiest foods, we reach Pita Pit – the heartland of pita wraps, salads, and healthy foods. Colourful vegetables and greens, grilled fillings, premium spreads, high-quality cheese, and fresh vegetables – Pita pit is perfect for healthy food on-the-go.


And now on we go to the very heart of Asia – to a cuisine that is the melting pot of seafood from the continent. Jom Jom Malay’s delightful dishes will keep you coming back for more. Do not miss out on a steaming hot bowl of Laska, a traditional Malay spicy noodle soup flavoured with coconut and fresh vegetables. Sure to brighten up a foggy, cold day.


Bringing you the very best of vegetarian Desi khanna is Sattvik restaurant. The luscious dishes topped with desi ghee ka tadka and the fine dining experience – there is a reason we leave our hearts behind at Sattvik
Warm but traditional interiors and a bowl of hot comfort food – that defines Mamagoto. A great dining experience with the very best of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes – definitely a foodie’s idea of heaven. Do not forget to try the signature rice bowl here.

Burma Burma offers a unique culinary opportunity – to taste the very best of traditional Burmese cuisine and some of the most awesome teas that will remind you of the yesteryears. Nothing quite rivals the comfort of the Hincho (soup) or a hot Khowsuey on a cold day.


Is healthy food on your mind this winter? Yum Yum Cha is a perfect choice. If you love Japanese, Korean, and East Asian cuisine this restaurant is the place to be. The variety of sushi, sashimi, and East Asian foods on the menu here is delightful.

Select CITYWALK is home to these and a number of cafes, eateries, and fine dining restaurants designed to provide you the most wonderful culinary experiences from across the world.

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