From #ThreatToThread – A Green Step Towards Fighting Plastic Pollution
From #ThreatToThread – A Green Step Towards Fighting Plastic Pollution
September 19, 2019

From #ThreatToThread – A Green Step Towards Fighting Plastic Pollution

By the year 2050, our oceans are likely to contain more plastic than fish. Let that sink in.

Plastic pollution is one of the most concerning environmental issues in the world today. As more and more people depend on disposable plastic products for the sake of convenience, the world’s waste management mechanisms are unable to keep up. Single-use plastic counts for over 40% of the total plastic produced annually. More than a million plastic bottles are bought within a single minute and this number is only likely to soar in the coming years. While its use only lasts a few hours, a plastic bottle can continue to exist in the environment for many hundred years. Most of them either end up in an ocean or a landfill or may also eventually find their way into the human food chain – UNLESS RECYCLED.

Most plastic bottles are made using polyethylene terephthalate (Pet). While this material is highly recyclable, it takes a distinct effort to collect and recycle the material. Select CITYWALK in collaboration with Adidas and Polygenta has launched the Adidas Repurposing Plastic Initiative to do our bit in fighting plastic pollution and saving the environment. The aim is to collect maximum possible plastic bottles and recycle them into usable apparel especially t-shirts. You can find collection boxes at six points across Select CITYWALK to drop off your plastic bottles and join this wonderful movement.

The pollution crisis has prompted initiatives for environmental conservation on a national as well as global level. While many people today are realising the importance of climatic change, there is a pressing need to step out and act on the issue – no matter how small or simple the contribution might be. With this year-long Repurposing Plastic initiative, you too can do your part and contribute to saving our planet.

Within a matter of weeks itself, we have been successful in collecting over 7000+ bottles and taking an important step towards creating a clean and green environment for our future generations to live in.

Drop your used plastic bottles in the collection bins and participate in Repurposing Plastic Initiative from #ThreatToThread at Select CITYWALK!

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