Give Your Skin and Hair the Post Holi Pampering It Needs
March 16, 2022

Give Your Skin and Hair the Post Holi Pampering It Needs

Holi, the beautiful festival of colours, is here again. It’s time to ditch the pastels and celebrate the onset of spring with bright oranges, earthy greens, radiant pinks, and versatile yellows. Add on all the colours of the rainbow, if you will. Use natural colours made from organic ingredients to minimize skin and hair damage.

Dig into the gujiyas and sweets that you and your friends have made for this festive occasion. Post Holi, though, it may be time to get serious about your skincare routine. The following tips will help you stay radiant even after playing Holi to your heart’s content.

Gentle Cleansing FTW

Use a mild cleanser. Excessive use of harsh soaps strips the face of its protective essential oils. The Mashobra honey, lemon, and rosewater delicate cleanser from Forest Essentials is perfect for clearing up all the acne or breakouts that colours and fried food may have caused. Rosewater soothes the skin, lemon strips it of all the pollution, and honey nourishes the skin.

Tone It Up

Do not forget the toner. The humble toner is one product that will keep your skin healthy and keep it from drying out. The Kiehl’s calendula herbal extract toner is the perfect choice for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals and want supple, smooth skin. Calendula is a natural plant extract that is used to soothe rashes and keep the skin from eruptions.

Soft & Supple

The onset of spring and summer gives us the mistaken impression that our skin does not need a moisturizer. A mild, oil-free moisturizer keeps the skin from drying out and blocks the damage done by the dry summer air. The Carrot Cream Nature-Rich Daily Moisturiser from The Body Shop comes with 72-hour moisturizing properties and is made from carrots and aloe vera to protect the skin.

Clarify. And Some.

Your body needs all the pampering that it can get this season. Ditch the soap and opt for Open Sky body and shower gel from Bath & Body Works. This gel has a gentle, nourishing formula and is enriched with Vitamin E to clarify your skin and keep it supple all day.

Add Bounce to Your Hair

For all the post-Holi hair cleansing needs, pick out a mild shampoo that will both clean and add volume to your hair without any of the damage that chemicals cause. The Aromachologie Intensive Repair Shampoo from L’Occitane is the perfect cleanser that will do away with any damage that the colours may have caused to your hair.

Nurture. Pamper. Indulge

Do not forget to follow up the hair wash with the fabulous Japapatti & Brahmi hair conditioner from Forest Essentials. Made from virgin coconut, olive, black sesame oils, and hibiscus infusions, this conditioner is just the indulgence your hair has been looking for through the winter months.

Select CITYWALK wishes you and all your loved ones a very happy Holi. May your lives brighten up with colours of joy, peace, and happiness this year.

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