How to go from Flab to Fab
How to go from Flab to Fab
September 19,2017

How to go from Flab to Fab

Everybody knows rule #1 of summer Get your holiday body ready – whether you’re diving into a pool or lazing at a beach on your summer vacation, it never hurts to look good and feel good about your body.

In short, GET FIT! Here are 5 different ways to go from flab to FAB!

1. SWIM – The best way to get a bikini body is to get into a bikini and SWIM! Swimming is fantastic exercise and stretches your muscles to make them stronger & fitter.


2. DANCE – Probably one of the most FUN ways to get fit! Join a dance class with a friend!


3. YOGA – Not only will this keep you physically fit, but you’ll also find yourself feeling healthier and more positive!


4. CYCLE – Do it the old-fashioned way – ride a bike! You can do this early morning to escape the heat and who knows? Maybe you’ll realize you’re more of a morning person than you thought!

5. HIT THE GYM – This may be the hardest, but it is the most effective! Come to fitness first at SelectCITYWALK and sign up! Think of it as your ticket to getting FIT!


And don’t forget to hit Reebok, Colombia and all our other sports-wear stores to stock up on your exercise attire! (Who says you cant look good in workout wear)!

And if EVERYTHING fails, Shop the carbs away! You know what they say – shopping is the best kind of cardio!

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