Guys #oShopping!
Guys #GoShopping!
September 15,2017

Guys #GoShopping!

A woman can never have enough of shopping…and neither can men!Yes, ladies – we know you love to shop, but believe it or not – so do the men! Don’t be

fooled by the age old stereotypes! Gone are the days when men were seen waiting outside stores for the ladies, looking bored! Today’s metrosexual man loves to shop, plans his outfits, and always wants to look great!
So, women might spend looking at clothes, shoes, cosmetics handbags and an endless list of products, but men know exactly how to categorize their time between what they want!

Here are the 5 type of guys who will #GoShopping for their favorites:

1. The tech-nerds: Shopping for men doesn’t mean shoes and make-up. Most men like to be up-to-date with the latest technology. They may not care about repeating outfits, but they wouldn’t be caught dead with outdated technology. With stores like Imagine and Croma, guys have an easy way to turn into gadget freaks!

2. The sports-buffs: Where do men spend time while most women are at the salon? The gym! So it’s easy to prep for all the pumping at sports stores like Adidas, Nike & Puma, with football studs, dumbbells, and jerseys!

3. The Video-Game Geeks: How many times has a guy hung up on you to play Fifa? Boys adore video-games and any store with a good gaming section will always be packed with boys (and I don’t mean kids!)

4. Accessories junkies: No, I don’t mean earrings or headbands! Guys love getting the latest accessories for their phones, laptops and most importantly – their cars. It’s one of the main reasons men are shopaholics too! And their favourite haunt to get what they want is at M-Zone and digital house!

5. Clothes crazy: Believe it or not – guys like shopping for clothes too! Zara men, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, Wills Lifestyle, and many other stores, primarily house menswear and let’s admit it: well-dressed men are always more attractive, and they know it!

So if you were thinking that your boyfriend, husband, brother or father will cringe at the thought of shopping, think again!
Men do #LoveShopping and we love ‘em that way!

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