Help India Breathe Again – Join Select CITYWALK & Mission Oxygen
May 17, 2021

Help India Breathe Again – Join Select CITYWALK & Mission Oxygen

The second wave of COVID-19 has swept across the country and has quite literally left us gasping for breath in its wake. The virulent new strains of the infection have resulted in an unprecedented spread and hundreds of thousands of people in Delhi and the rest of the country are now seeking medical care and aid. The healthcare system is straining to find its feet, given the onslaught of the massive infection and more and more hospitals are now facing an acute shortage of essential medical devices such as ventilators and oxygen concentrators. While our mall premises remain non-operational for safety reasons, we at Select CITYWALK, have decided to dedicate our resources to helping people in need.


Select CITYWALK, in association with Mission Oxygen, has decided to step forward and make lifesaving oxygen available to hospitals and COVID care medical centres across the country.


Mission Oxygen is a 100% not-for-profit organization dedicated to set up oxygen plants in hospitals and donating oxygen concentrators to hospitals and medical centres, particularly in tier-II cities. Hospitals in smaller cities and towns are stretched thin and are now in need of our support to deliver much-needed medical aid for those affected by COVID-19. The commendable efforts of Mission Oxygen have resulted in providing almost 6000 oxygen concentrators to 102 hospitals and in setting up one fully functional oxygen plant. Mission Oxygen has been successful in raising about INR 42 crores including institutional donations and is expected to set up 10 more fully functional oxygen plants. Select CITYWALK is a proud partner and we urge you to join our endeavour and to contribute to this mission through the following link:


Even as we entreat you to open up your hearts and purses and donate freely to this emergent and deserving cause, we at Select CITYWALK pledge to match the donations received with an equal amount to Mission Oxygen. These are unprecedented times and it is only if we come together and pool in our support and resources that we will get through. We must join hands and help deliver life-saving oxygen concentrators to smaller cities that are likely to be swept up in the struggle against this second wave.

It is time to join Select CITYWALK and help India breathe again.

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