Holiday Cheer’22 at Select CITYWALK
January 03, 2023

Holiday Cheer’22 at Select CITYWALK

The year-end festive spirit has a certain element of revelry that brings friends and family together for a joyful time. With the calm breeze in the air, the warm clothes, the sparkling lights, the beautiful Christmas tree, and the gleeful Santa, this season is simply effervescent and lively.

Holiday cheer multiplies and becomes more wholesome when we gather together and attend Christmas fetes or festivities. What makes it truly unforgettable is the Christmassy outfits, statement-making boots, fuzzy scarves, and beanies, chatting over a hearty meal, and more.

So, we at Select CITYWALK chose to go a little overboard and have an enthralling Christmas and New year celebration. Here is everything you need to know about events and happenings that took place during the Christmas week at Select CITYWALK.

Walking Christmas Tree

There is a certain amount of overwhelming joy in decorating the Christmas tree as per your wish. When we start decorating the Christmas tree at our home along with our friends and family, it feels so gratifying. That is precisely the reason why we at Select CITYWALK had this uber-fun concept this Christmas – The Walking Christmas Tree. As the name suggests, the Christmas tree will come to you, and you can adorn it as you like. The adornments were available alongside the Christmas tree.
Depending upon your preferences, minimal or dazzling- you had the option of decorating the Christmas tree.

Meet And Greet Santa

Santa had hopped on his sleigh to meet and greet you at your favorite shopping destination – Select CITYWALK.
It was indeed an amusing sight to see everyone along with their tribe getting clicked with our jolly Santa! The kids surely loved it the most.

Christmas Carols

To make this Christmas a lot merrier, we had the most heartwarming tradition- Christmas Carols. The Christmas miracle was in full swing as the Christmas carols began on 20th December and went on until Christmas Eve!
We had some of the finest choir groups so that you, and your family can have a merry little Christmas with just the right vibe!

Exuberant Christmas Decor & Fun Games

We had something in store for you kids too and it definitely added loads of cheer to their day! Our assortment of super-fun games like lego toys and electronic trains unraveled their playful spirits in full swing! In the meantime, parents were seen utterly mesmerized by Christmas decorations.

Shopping Carnival At Hamleys

To make your kids’ day brimming with joy and playful ventures, there was a shopping carnival happening at Hamleys! If you shopped for Rs. 15,000/-, you stood a chance to get a gift from Hamleys! How amazing is that? The shopping promotion took place from 19th-25th December from 11 AM- 9PM.

Your favorite shopping destination- Select CITYWALK brims with joy all year round, but during the holiday season- it was pure magic. Were you able to visit us and take a ride down our merry lanes at Select CITYWALK?

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