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Holiday Season, Here We Come
September 19,2017

Holiday Season, Here We Come

Summer has arrived in full swing – it’s time to put on your sunglasses, keep the swimsuits ready and drink iced-tea on repeat!While the cold coffee runs and dips in the pool it is definitely one of the funnest parts of Delhi’s sweltering summer. We all agree that what we love most about summer in Delhi – is to get out of it!

Summer holidays are by far the most awaited part of the year’s calendar, and most of us try to pencil in a vacation into our busy summer plans! This summer, make your vacation worthwhile – and that means no disasters! Here’s a short list of things that are a must-pack no matter where you’re traveling!

1. Comfortable shoes – Of course they should be stylish, and of course you should look like you walked out of a magazine – but when traveling, comfort trumps almost everything else! To put it simply, go for a cute pair of flip-flops or sneakers! Check out Havaianas, Nike or many more for funky options!

Comfortable shoes
2. Sunscreen – It doesn’t matter where you’re going – be it a beach or a sunny town or even a hill station, if you haven’t packed sunscreen, you have a disaster on your hands! We recommend at least an SPF 30 to be safe! You can buy this at stores like Guardian GNC Livewell, Sehpora & others.


3. A book, kindle or tablet – Long journeys with nothing to do is a terrible start to a vacation! Make sure you pack something to read on the way! You can use a kindle or tablet – or do it the old-fashioned way – with a book! Check out stores like Croma or a book store like Om Book Shop!

A book, kindle or tablet

4. A camera (or a smartphone with a kickass camera) – Admit it, it’s pointless packing your cutest outfits & traveling to exotic places if you cant take photographs there! Invest in a camera or a phone with an awesome camera to make the most of your holiday! Visit Samsung or the Imagine Apple store to check out new models!

A camera
5. Ipod/headphones– Just incase you’re stuck with a very talkative and/or loud neighbor on a flight or for the moments you just want to enjoy the view (at a beach perhaps) and drown out all other sounds – headphones will be your savior! Buy them from our stores like Planet M (you will thank us later).


Keep these things handy in your travel bags and we assure you a more comfortable holiday. And if it so happens that you aren’t traveling this summer, don’t worry & simply visit us so you can shop it off!