Hope and essentials home delivered – the Select CITYWALK way
Hope and essentials home delivered – the Select CITYWALK way
May 25, 2020

Hope and essentials home delivered – the Select CITYWALK way

These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the very dynamics of our society, and of our economic design. After over 50 days of a nationwide lockdown, the country has started to reopen its economy but the ripple effects of this period are sure to be felt for a very long time. Even as we struggle to find the benchmarks of a new “normal”, we are coming to terms with the changed means of shopping, procuring essentials, and getting on with life. While our Select CITYWALK premises have been closed with deference to the lockdown process, some of our favourite brands have continued to home deliver and reach out to the community in a stunning display of perseverance and grit.

One of the greatest worries of the hour is running out of essentials and daily care products. Even as regular handwashing and sanitizing are taking a toll on the skin, our favourite brands such as KAMA Ayurveda, Looks, and Bath & Body Works are reaching out to our regulars and home delivering products from their skin care ranges. Many of our favourite brands like Inatur are increasingly delivering sanitizers and going further to provide skin care consultations with dermatologists and tips to maintaining skin health through their WhatsApp feeds.

This period of isolation has been hard on many of us but the worst sufferers, perhaps, are our fur babies. Heads Up For Tails has placed the care of our pets as their top priority. They are delivering pet care products and pet foods wherever possible. Our wonderful pet care store has also been adding a number of training videos to their Instagram page. These are great exercises and training programs you may wish to undertake with your pets even as you are stuck at home.

Taking care of your own health and nutrition is of paramount importance right now. Boost your immunity with organic foods and health supplements from Fabindia that are now delivered to you in the comfort and security of your home.

Spending almost all of your time home only accentuates the need to keep your living quarters fragrant and fresh. Two of our own brands, Rosemoore and Dyson, have remained persistent in their efforts to bring you homecare products throughout this difficult period. With Dyson’s vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, your household chores should start to look a lot more manageable giving you time to rest and enjoy some quality family time.

Falling in line with Select CITYWALK’s people centric philosophy, we have seen some of our best stores come together to work out the logistics to deliver products to your doorsteps – helping each other and ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene for both employees, delivery personnel, and for you, our lovely family. It is this sense of belonging, this spirit of camaraderie that makes these hard times more bearable and shines a beacon of hope. So while we sit back and pray for better times to approach, it is time to look forward to home delivery services from our top stores.

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