Nexus Select CITYWALKHousehold items that can be used for home workouts
Household items that can be used for home workouts
June 11, 2020

Household items that can be used for home workouts

The COVID19 pandemic has certainly hit gym goers hard, leaving them without a place to work out. We’re making it easy to fill that void and bring your endorphins to an all time high. In fact, regular exercise and workout routines help boost the immunity and also keep us happy.


One of the common questions Nexus Select CITYWALK staff and customers ask is, “How can we get innovative with our workout when confined to our homes?” Apart from the regular yoga and freehand exercises you may be practicing, it is important that you find suitable and fun alternatives to your dumbbells, barbells, and ropes.

  • Babies and pets – Exercising is sustainable only if it is made fun. Babies and pets make for the best exercise weights or dancing partners. It is important to be very gentle with the child or pet but do feel free to plant a kiss on your little one every time you do a push-up.
  • Water or milk jugs – Milk jugs or water cans can be great exercise accessories, particularly if they have tight caps and come with handles. These can stand in for kettlebells and dumbbells and can easily be swung around. If you are using a milk can, it is advisable to finish the contents and replace them with water, so that the milk doesn’t spoil.
  • Pet food or dry staples bag – Sandbags are a popular exercise tool and you may be used to it at your gym. A great replacement for a sandbag is a large, unopened bag of pet food. A 5 kg bag of atta or flour or rice may also be a great home workout alternative to a sandbag.
  • Tyre – CrossFit style training calls for heavy tractor tyres. You may find these hard to replace when exercising at home. If you do happen to drive an SUV or a large automobile, the Stepney or spare tyre could come in quite handy as an alternative.
  • PVC pipe or broomstick – A barbell is perhaps one of the easiest exercise accessories to replace. Any long rod-like household item should do the trick. An unused PVC pipe or a broomstick do quite as well. Do take care that you do not pick up an old rusty iron rod which could be a hazard.
  • Towels – Resistance bands are the favourite workout accessories for many. These can be used as alternatives to or in addition to weights. Towels, nylon ribbons, and robe ties often turn out to be great alternatives to resistance bands.
  • Improvise – One of the easiest things to do in home quarantine or isolation situation is to improvise. You may simply want to fill in small water bottles and seal them to replace your dumbbells, or pack a gunny bag with soil and seal it up to act as a sandbag.

Whatever you do, we at Nexus Select CITYWALK complement you on your commitment to stay fit and sweat it out. The rewards of these efforts will certainly translate into good health.