“It’s a marshmallow world in the winter” – Christmas Treats At Select CITYWALK
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December 21, 2021

“It’s a marshmallow world in the winter” – Christmas Treats At Select CITYWALK

It’s a bright and twinkling world. There are Christmas trees brought decorated, gifts wrapped, and merry carols being sung all over town. Here’s the time to indulge yourself, your family, and your loved ones in some delightful Christmas treats and desserts and baked goods – brought to you specially by our store partners and restaurant partners at Select CITYWALK.

Sly Granny Café

The Sly Granny Café is hosting a special Goanese theme Christmas complete with the most mouth-watering menu you can indulge in. Pick from curated dishes such as roast turkey porchettas, slow-braised lamb collar, truffled chicken liver pate, Christmas bread such as Kugelhopf and Panettone, and special desserts such as mince fruit pie and plum cake with ice cream. Complete this gastronomic experience with “A very vodka Christmas” or mulled wine – Goa style.

Andrea’s Eatery


You love the suave and sophisticated charm and the open kitchen set-up of Andrea’s Eatery. This Christmas, you will love the whole range of Continental delights and menu specials too. Pick from a menu of slow-braised Australian Pork Shoulder, General Tso’s Chicken, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, and Cream. Let the family share an artisanal pizza – roast chicken bell pepper or spicy Italian sausage – or go traditional with British Lamb Chops and American Grilled Cajun Chicken. Whatever you do, do not forget to grab a dark chocolate therapy sundae or a rich chocolate fudge brownie to complete the meal.



If there is one store you must not miss this festive season, it is the L’Opera Patisserie and Boulangerie at Select CITYWALK. Look out for a whole new range of Christmas delights this year. The Black Forest Buche and the Royal Chocolate Buche are perfect for a family indulgence. The Gingerbread house is just right for the kid’s Christmas party. There’s a lot more here at L’Opera. From Plum Cake to Daiquiri Lemon Cheesecake and from Praline Buche to Christmas Puddings – there’s a whole lot to pick from!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Co


“A little bit of holiday in every cup” – that is the spirit of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Co. The holiday season is never quite complete without enjoying steaming cups of hot chocolate with little bits of marshmallows on top. That’s not all though. Get right into the holiday spirit with the Cookie Butter Ice Blended drink or the New Peppermint Mocha Crumble Ice Blended Drink or the Winter Dream Tea.


Looking for the perfect box of Christmas goodies and treats? Theobroma is the place to be. Pick out the Yule Log or the special Christmas Cake to enjoy with your family. Delight the kids with an assortment of Christmas Cupcakes box or Christmas Tarts box. Indulge your sweet tooth with the Linzer Torte, Christmas Danish, or Christmas-themed ginger cookies. Stock up on classic favourites such as brownies and fudge and red velvet cake and end the year on a high.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and make merry with the best life has to offer. As you sit around and enjoy the delicious laughter of your family and friends, make a resolution to spread more joy in the New Year. May your Christmas and New Year be just as sweet as the delightful desserts you pick out from Select CITYWALK. Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings!

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