It’s Very Very Hot!
It’s Very Very Hot!
September 15,2017

It’s Very Very Hot!

All girls know how important make-up is! Doesn’t matter what the season is, we simply can’t do without it. We like it when things get a little steamy, but sticky is a whole other story. It’s impossible to impress when the person standing in front of you can see his reflection on your forehead! And that is what Delhi summers are like! Men have no idea how difficult it is being a woman (try getting boiling wax poured on your body – as if the weather isn’t enough!)

But not to worry, Girlie Glamdoll is here – Your savior! Though this weather can bring out the worst in you, let’s focus on being the best, better yet Beautiful.

1. Do I even need to say this? – ALWAYS use a sunscreen!

During the summer use sunscreen like a moisturizer. There are a lot of good ones to choose from that will suit you, depending on your skin type. Whether you have Desert-Dry Skin, Oily Skin or a combination – come to Select CITYWALK & try sunscreens by Clinique or Sephora, they won’t make you greasy by noon. The secret is to use a tinted moisturizer that has SPF 30 or more in it. With this you get a moisturizer, protection from the sun and added coverage all in one. My personal favorite, tried and tested is from MAC, visit the store and you will most definitely be able to find something that suits your skin type.

2. Also ladies, always remember – less is more.

Makeup 101 – ‘Never pile on loads of makeup’. Try to use a light hand when applying makeup and use products that multi-task. This will not only save you money but also make you look great! Plus you won’t end up looking like you just put your face in a flour bag!

3. Water proof makeup – Yes it is a brilliant idea!

Unless you want to look like a panda, go buy this at Select CITYWALK today, to prevent smudging and smearing. If you are skeptical about using foundation, opt for a waterproof concealer and let the rest of your face breatheeeeee!

Other than that, avoid touching your hair too much and stay out of the heat as much as possible. No matter what the event or time of day, keep these tips in mind and you will be good to go. Keep your cool, don’t sweat it!

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