Join the Diwali Party
Join the Diwali Party
September 20,2017

Join the Diwali Party

With less than a week left for the biggest festival of the year, most people in Delhi are through with their Diwali shopping; this is the only time of the year when being a shopaholic actually pays off! But if you are a workaholic, a busy parent or have just been hung-over post numerous card parties this month, worry not- there is a one-stop destination for all your Diwali needs.With over 180 brands under one roof, you can find everything from the perfect Diwali outfit to thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, without exhausting yourself.

Here’s what we think needs to be on your checklist to beDiwali ready:

Beautify your home – Add some Diwali glamour to your house with elegant lanterns and candleholders and dress up your mattresses and cushion with bright and festive colors.

Find all this and more at Good Earth

Shower your family and friends with exquisite gifts – Diwali is the festival of love, and the best way to express your love is with gifts. Get your wife a stunning pair of ear rings or buy your father a luxurious arm chair so he can enjoy the winter sunlight in comfort.

Gifting is personal, so remember to keep the interests of loved ones in mind while making a decision.

Join the Diwali Party

Bling on the Diwali gifting at Swarovski

Sweeten your life with special Diwali treats – Laddoos and Barfis are passé but chocolates can never go out of style. Celebrate Diwali in your own style. Choose from chocolate-laden bites or delicious cookies this season.

Join the Diwali Party

Special treats await you and your family at Choko la, ROYCE’ Chocolate and L’Opera!

There’s no ball without the dress –Diwali is all about looking and feeling your best, so find a dazzling outfit to brighten up the festival!

From the blingy Diwali favorites to the more sober ethnic wear, find it all at L’affaire

Make heads turn – No look is complete without the perfect lipstick.Give yourself an exciting makeover by experimenting with different shades of your favoritecolour this Diwali and see the magic!

Join the Diwali Party

So what are you waiting for, let the festivities begin at Select CITYWALK! Here’s wishing you and your family a happy shopping season and an even happier Diwali!

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