Kick start 2014 with a bang
Kick start 2014 with a bang
September 19,2017

Kick start 2014 with a bang

2014 is round the corner and there’s no denying that it should start with a BANG! Just any party wont do it – this year, it’s gotta be the party of the century! Here are some New Year’s theme party ideas that will definitely make your year start in an awesome way!

1. Decade theme party – If you were born in the 90s, have a 90s theme party, if you’re an 80’s kid, an 80’s theme is the way to go! Start 2014 by going back to the year with the best memories – the rule is that everyone has to wear one piece of clothing (it can even be a scarf) from that decade. Needless to say, your friends will LOVE it!

2. Bling theme – There’s only 1 rule: Everyone must be glittery, sequined or SHINY! Whether it’s a Glitter hat or a sequined jacket or (if you’re really in the mood to experiment) shiny metallic pants! You can buy everything you need from our apparel stores like Kazo, Next, Forever New & others!

3. Hollywood/Bollywood theme – There is no way this can be boring! Get your friends to dress up as their favorite character from a movie! You can even go all out by getting fun props like a feather boa or decorating your venue with a red carpet and spotlights!

4. Color dress-code theme– Choose a fun color and make it the dress code! Everyone MUST come in theme! Your party, your rules! Go shopping for the perfect dress at Zara, Mango, Promod and others!

5. Karaoke theme– This one will work best as a small party with close friends – in other words, one of the most fun kinds! All you need is a Karaoke machine, cocktails and your best buddies!

6. Masquerade Ball – These are super fun and a great excuse to look glamorous! Just remember: Glitzy outfits, sophisticated drinks and fancy masks! And don’t forget to get a photographer – this is one party you’d want to remember! Get masks from Archies, ALDO accessories, accessorize and our other stores!

7. Bonfire party – So you’re not shivering in your party outfits, and to make sure you have a laid-back, relaxed alternative to the uber-crowded, parties of the city! This one is undoubtedly a class apart from the rest!

Are you in the mood to party? We know you certainly are! Here’s to a fabulous New Year’s Eve and an even more fabulous 2014!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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