Love Is in The Air – Gifts for your Valentine from Select CITYWALK
February 07, 2022

Love Is in The Air – Gifts for your Valentine from Select CITYWALK

“True love stories never have endings”

This may well be true but true love stories are also peppered with celebrations, moments of joy, and togetherness, times when giving beautiful gifts can be an expression of your affection. And what can be a better occasion for such beautiful moments than Valentine’s Day.

Back in the 1300s, poets believed that Valentine’s Day represents the start of the season for birds to find their mates. Make the most of this bright, romantic celebration to gift your sweetheart a delightful gift. Select CITYWALK and our store partners are all set to make V Day a wonderful occasion for you both.

A Whiff of Romance

There is nothing quite as alluring as the whiff of one’s favourite perfume. Be it floral, citrus, spicy, woody, or fresh scents – our store partners L’Occitane, Perfume Couture, or Sephora are there to let you pick up the perfect gift for your significant other. Perfumes can be strong triggers for memories. Let your gift be a reminder of all the loving, wonderful times you spent together as a couple.

Scented Candles and Sweet Nothings

Looking at a heady romance and a candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day? Or looking to gifting essential oils and scented candles? Walk into the Jo Malone London store or the Good Earth stores and pick out the perfect gifts. If you are looking to keep your evening smelling sweet, a Geodesic Room Spray in Neroli, Sakura, or even Jasmine may be a good buy.

Tell Me You Care

This Valentine’s Day, show your partner that you care. Gift your significant other a self-care ritual from Forest Essential which contains a body polisher hydrating sea salt (crystal rose), body mist (rose & cardamom), velvet silk body cream (Indian rose), and absolute harmonizing body massage oil (desi gulab & oudh). Alternatively, you could put together a pack of Roots of Strength products from The Body Shop.

Sweet As Honey!

It’s time to gift your valentine the perfect box of sweets and goodies that remind him/her of all the beautiful moments of joy that you share. Pick out Bateel’s premium dates stuffed with almonds, pistachios, and a variety of nuts, specially packed in the elegant Rosewood wooden box with a glossy finish. Or perhaps a box of the most delightful macarons, pastries, tarts, and cakes from L’Opera.

And A Little Indulgence…

Nothing is quite as special as a personalised gift that is meant for your special one. Indulge your girl with personalised jewellery from Outhouse. A beautiful charm bracelet or dazzling earrings, a beautiful pendant, or a ring with both your initials is just what you need to add some sparkle to this wonderful occasion.

Select CITYWALK welcomes you to shop, spend some wonderful times, and make beautiful memories with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Our restaurant partners are all set to roll out the red carpet and dish out the yummiest fare this V Day.

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