Love Locked
Love Locked
September 19,2017

Love Locked

Our #Lovelocked contest was a huge success and now it’s time to read our fans’ epic love stories! So get ready for romance & know how these special couples met, and made it through good times & bad! Here’s to love!

Divya Rawat story begins with our hatred..I just hated him. I remember that I had cleared my board exams that time and I used to play with my friends. I made one good friend named Archana. We used to play & talk daily and 1 day I went to her house and when I entered her drawing room, I was shocked to see the boy sitting on the sofa. When I went with her into another room, I just asked her quickly “is this your brother? She said yes. I said again “really sach me tera bhai hai?!!” She said yes again. I don’t know why but from that day, somewhere my hatred for him was gone. That time, I couldn’t imagine that he’ll be my boyfriend one day. Then days passed. We used to talk little bit and those little talks turned into long hours. We like each other but didn’t tell anyone. I used to go to his house to see him only on that day when I knew he’ll be at home. Then, after 1 year he proposed to me on April 18th …and I just kept him waiting till 2am and said yes to him at 2am.
And NOW we have completed 2 years…Sagar’s family loves me…even his family members tease us…so life is going on and we are waiting to get married. He is the sweetness of my life. We love, fight, argue, and do mad things. Many ups and downs have come but he is always there for me.
I just want to say to him- “I love him and I want to grow old with him”

Prem Lata and Rajender

We first met in a tuition class when we were in the 10th grade, and I had a crush on him then. When I joined Hansraj College, I saw him in my class, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my classmate felt the same. Unfortunately (for us) and fortunately (for him) he got a scholarship and moved to Singapore for the next 2 years and all was forgotten until one day he returned, we met, and hit it off all over again and haven’t looked back since. He proposed to me on my 25th birthday. So while I was busy studying for my Masters and had no clue what was happening at home, he was busy planning an epic surprise with my dad. So the night I was to turn 25, he got me into a little black dress, blindfolded me and took me to what I thought was a surprise party with friends. But instead it was a private dining experience for the families to meet and he went down on one knee to propose to a very shocked me.” It was an epic moment for me that I cannot forget.

Sonal Thakur

My love story is my favourite!I know everybody feels the same about their own but after you read this, I’m sure you will agree with me…The strange part about our love story is that even before we knew we were in love, everybody around us felt it! It might seem like a love story straight out of the movies but that’s how it actually is! We were classmates from school who couldn’t see eye to eye. He was a typical nerd (and he will kill me after reading this) while I had just recently joined the school in class 11 and became part of the “popular” ones. Throughout school, we never talked. In fact, we didn’t see each other after school for almost a year. We met over a casual lunch with a group of mutual friends and all of us started hanging out together for a while. Initially, we were 4 people, which came down to 3 and after a while it was just the both of us hanging out together. And what was even more absurd was, we were rather enjoying each other’s company. I had recently had an ugly break up and was very disoriented in life. He gave me his ears to listen to all my endless stories, a shoulder to cry upon and more than anything he made me happy somehow by just being around me all the time. I started getting used to him and in no time we became long lost buddies! He became my best friend and I knew I could confide in him for anything. People started talking about us but we just ignored them. But I don’t know when, in the midst of all that denial, I fell in love with him when I least expected it! We were just sitting in the car one day when I heard the song “Meet me half way” by The Black Eyed Peas and something hit me hard inside which told me that’s it, this is what you were looking for. And yes it was me who first had the guts to tell him this, while he more than happily accepted my proposal. I was ecstatic to know that he had those feelings for me much before I did, he was just too afraid to admit it and lose me as a friend. So that’s how our love story started. Today he is my best friend, my soul mate, my boyfriend and my life! We are poles apart and that’s what has been making this relationship work for the past 3 years! Its definitely not a fairy tale story, we have had our share of ups and downs, so much so that we have even beaten death together (literally) , when we met with an accident 3 months ago…We were both together in the I.C.U fighting for our lives and we did! We came back for each other. We haven’t been able to see each other much in the past 3 months because of we were bed ridden but our love has only grown with the distance…This accident made us realize how much we truly value each other ! We have found both a lover and a best friend in each other and our life is confined to our little world! I would just say I’m lucky, I’m in love with my best friend and it’s the best feeling the world.

Raushan tara Jaswal

So. A year. They just flew past (now that I look back on them). I don’t know how, when, where or why, but I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this amazing person is my boyfriend. I know I have my own share of insecurities, but who doesn’t. But I never thought that someone could love me. Alas, this person does. Don’t ask me why. What I can tell you how it all started and why I love my dofus.
So one fine cold February Day, on 8th 2013, it was propose day and it was a Friday. I was bored as usual and not many of our friends had come that day. I don’t know what got into me, but I got down on my knee and proposed to him. I know that sounds cheesy as hell. But, heyy, I was bored, okay? I had to meet a friend at the book fair. Since not many people had come that day, I asked whether Shivam and Ebbani would like to come along. They said yes. Oh also, his answer was a “NO”.
After college, we three went to the Book Fair and as far as I can remember the day, I was pretty strung out and random. My boyfriend states he fell in love with me on that day. I didn’t know that my awkwardness and randomness actually seduced people into liking me. Well, that being said, he claims he did. 
After that day, there were a lot of fights and I had a horrible time in college for quite some time. Then, I remember on V-day 2013, I couldn’t talk to anyone except him. He took it upon himself to cheer me up. I don’t know why he did it. But I am glad till this day he actually did it. He asked me to be his Valentine just so that I would smile. I didn’t know whether he was serious till this day or not.
Then, over the next month, I would talk to him daily, no matter what. Something or the other always kept happening with us. We kept fighting like a real couple. We kept irritating each other. In the end, being there for each other. He kept randomly complimenting me. I remember this. He would come up to me and say you’re pretty. Or text me saying your picture is really pretty. Or in general you’re an amazing person. I had no clue where all this was headed. Also, I never thought, he would fall for a person like me.
Then came his birthday. I knew I was the closest thing he had in the college. I tried to make it as special as I could. His birthday was so much fun. I remember it till this date. After his birthday we had exams and the following weekend I went to Rishikesh for river rafting. There was a party, which I missed and an incident happened during that party which made me angry at him. But I couldn’t talk to all of them because there were no phone chargers.
So on our way back, when I charged my phone in the car, I switched my phone on and checked my whatsapp. His status was ‘lonely’ and that troubled me. I put aside my anger with him, and I talked to him. I should have realized at that point when he said that he wasn’t lonely anymore because he had talked to me, he really meant it.
During this course, my friends had guessed something was up. They would urge him to ask me out. They would pair us together and I thought it was rather stupid. It was stupid to assume the seriousness factor and everything else. How was I to know it was all real?
One day he said he loved me. And he would ask me out on my birthday. The other day he said he loved me and that he would ask me out some day. Knowing my friends, I thought the phone was in their hands and not his. But it was him who texted all of this.
Then another party came. Every guy in that party was strung on getting him to ask me out right then and there. He was afraid. And hence, his three friends who were at the party, along with him, got down on one knee and asked me out. All four of them. However it was only of them who came to me and asked me, what was my answer.
On this day I told one of my friends that he had said that to me. He told me to give him an ultimatum. I had no clue about any of this. So I just forwarded the message to him and told him to laugh about it. He took it rather seriously though. He asked me out the very next day. All alone in all seriousness, on one knee and asked me to be his girlfriend.
Even though my friends had urged me that he was serious and what not. I was still stunned and I said yes to him. Because I did love him as a friend. And I thought why the hell not. So this is how our stupid little love story began.
Which reminds me, we were always friends before due to the fact that I took his side on some random group politics incident that had taken place. Expectations, I tell yaa.
Then, our high profile love affair began. We hid it well during the first two three weeks, or more. No one knew about it except our closest friends. Then somehow or the other, it leaked out. Everyone was talking, bitching, going crazy about this. Don’t ask me why. Because I don’t know.
The first two months were a confused time for the both of us. We were too influenced by what others were saying and of how to deal with our problems. Since we had already been friends before this, it was utter confusion as to how to behave since we were more than friends now. This led to inconsistent fights and unnecessary drama until my birthday. My birthday was the time where everything went right.
He ordered roses and chocolates for me & had them delivered to my house at midnight. He wrote me this beautiful letter. He also got this wonderful card for me. There was a cake incident which sucked. But let’s face it, everything else was perfect.
We sat down and solved everything that was going wrong between us. I am glad we did. Because he is one of the most understanding, polite, down to earth, humble people. He is unny, caring, considerate, amazing and just simply there for me. That, for me is everything.
I love this guy.
He is the one who, at this point in the college makes me feel like I actually belong here. Makes me feel wanted. Gives me a lot if attention. Holds my hand. Hugs me randomly. Is completely adorable with cheesy lines out of the blue. Finds songs and dedicates them to me. Kisses me on my forehead and tells me he loves me everyday. He’s the kind of boys that girls wish they could have. He’s the perfect person. Yes, we don’t talk 24*7, but when we talk, it’s like the whole world doesn’t exist. He makes me feel like I am the only person in the world who matters to him as much as his family. He makes me laugh just by tickling me so that he doesn’t have to see me sad. He laughs when he sees me laughing. He makes sure I am happy before I sleep. It’s on days like this, when I feel like a mess, he knows talking to him can make me feel better. He fights with me, just so that I don’t get hurt. I know he doesn’t tell me all of this stuff on my face and I need to hunt for it in his words, but I know he treats me like his princess. He takes my breath away by making me laugh. He makes me believe in cheesy stuff. He makes me believe in things I still to this day know that I probably don’t believe in. He knows me inside out. And knows when I am happy, mad, angry or just berserk. But the best part about him is that he loves me for me. He feel in love with me on a random day and he loves my randomness. I know I can say anything I want to him and he wouldn’t care. I can hit him and abuse him and hate him, but he knows I’ll come back to him at the end. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s intelligent. He’s caring. He’s kind. He surprises me. And takes care of me. He gets photos clicked with me. He makes me smile. Takes care of me when I am crazy. Loves my excessive moods. No matter how much I say about him, it’s going to be less. Oh. His scent. His clothes. His driving. His hands. Basss. Hogaya.
This is what people say: That when I am with him or talk about him, I am truly happy. I agree. I know this is the reason why people run after love. You’ve got an eyewitness to your life. You’re not alone. You have someone special who loves you.

Shikha Sharda

Sometimes we plan too much and sometimes we act carefree, but those who are meant to be together, meet somewhere on some road of life bas aise hi.

Started 3 years ago, Vaibhav and I were colleagues. Being from different departments, we hardly talked to each other. We are totally different and had different lives but Facebook helped us. We kept visiting each other’s accounts for 2 long years without talking much, like other ‘hi-hello’ friends.

One fine day, I remember it was 1st January. I met vaibhav (my office crush at the time) on Facebook and wished him Happy New Year. That was the root of our relationship. From then onwards we started talking to each other, from chats to texts, from texts to phone calls. But Vaibhav is very shy and reserved and his marriage was already fixed with someone else at that time. But despite of this fact, we didn’t stop talking to each other. I expressed my feelings to him of which he could do nothing.

We met on a date at Iskon temple and then saw a movie together. We became close at that time, as a shy guy like him held my hand. That was not a friendly touch and wasn’t normal. Something was there which could never mature as he was already engaged.

He is 7 years older than me and was on the edge of his marriage age. One day he called me to Bercos at ‘Select CITYWALK’. You cannot believe, he proposed to me for marriage and on the top of that, he had already settled things with his family. Before proposing to me, He told his siblings everything but didn’t tell his mom and dad. He just told them that he is not marrying that girl. They were obviously confused. This touched me, in a city like Delhi, a guy hardly proposes for marriage without having an affair.

Finally, our families met and we got engaged on 30th November ’13. I don’t know how it happened but one thing is for sure, love makes you do anything and everything. Now, 25th May ’14 is our wedding date. He was my sir in the office- ‘Vaibhav sir’ but life made me his madame. Wish us luck guys.

Megha Garg

So the love story, we met through a mutual friend in my office. Added each other on Facebook and then decided to go out for a coffee because we had met but never talked. So when he came to pick me up, we went to Route 04 and instead of coffee, we had beer and talked endlessly. He is a lot more talkative than me. He just keeps speaking. He got me a baseball cap, which he got from San diego and his favorite movie’s DVD for me. I felt really special. We had a spark. He dropped me back to my place. I had planned a vacation to mumbai. I left for mumbai next week, and we whatsapped, called each other everyday but never asked each other out. One month had passed, and he came to Mumbai for his exams. It was Christmas in a few days. He had to take his flight to Kuwait and I had to come back to Delhi. On 18th Nov 2013, we went on a trip to Mumbai. Went to Prince Charles Museum because we both love museums. We had a great time that day. Went to the museum, had coconut water, walked miles together, from 9am to 3pm until I had to leave. We hugged each other and he kissed my forehead. I went to my brother’s hostel and took a nap. Ryan then called me when he reached the airport and said, “Will you go out with me?” I couldn’t say no. I was so happy! Felt something that I’d never felt before. So the love story began and now our parents & grandparents know about us and it feels great that we get along so well.

Manish Maini

Our love story started when my sister and her sister started traveling together in the bus. They had a dream that me and her get together. So they invited me to see her. When I met her, we both told each other that we cant marry each other. The story was not over, but was starting. Since then, whenever I had leave, I visited her home. Slowly, love started blossoming. Suddenly, I got posted to Srinagar (hard militant area). I started sending gifts to her from the mountains and phone calls started from there (where that time there was no mobiles). I had sent many gifts but many of my gifts were returned. But I was not losing hope. I always came back with full confidence. I returned from my posting in Srinagar and took her for a ride to Diwane Parwane restaurant and I proposed to her. But my regular postings came again as hindrances as she was a permanent employee from Delhi. Again everything stopped. I knew that she loves me but the only hindrance was that she always said that we will live apart after marriage. So I took her into confidence that I will get posted for a long time in Delhi. So I got it and after that I took VRS. After many hiccups and on & off, we got married after six years of our relationship. My motto is that if you are falling in love, keep on going until you get success.

Ishleen kaur

“It started when we both needed it the most. Both were walking on the rough paths of life when we entered each other’s lives to make it smooth. It was February 2012, we both went to attend the Mehndi Function of one of our common relatives, even without a little thought of finding our life partner there. Although we saw each other, but no eye contact. People find it strange to believe, but when we saw each other, we both had the feeling of “This is the One!!” When I saw him, I was forced to believe that he would love me forever very honestly. After dinner, we both went to our own places without any interaction and neither of us had any idea about the other’s name and the relation with our relative. I had never been this excited to go to any wedding before. It was 5th February, 2012, when we reached Patiala, Punjab to attend the wedding of the same cousin. Was praying for him to be there and yes! He was there! We both kept finding each other in the marriage hall. Again, no eye contact happened so both of us didn’t have any idea about the feelings of the other. I went to Amritsar from there and he back home, again without any interaction and wondering would he/she be feeling the same. As soon as I sat in my car, took out my laptop and started finding him on facebook, checking all the 500 friends of my relative, as I didn’t know his name and the same he did. Finally, on 15th February, 2012, I got a friend request and just as I checked it, was delighted to know that it was him. Like immature teenagers, told each other the feelings we had the next day only. And today, as we are completing 2 years, we are an engaged couple, going to be married soon. Luckily, our parents were kind enough to let us live our lives together and nothing can be more precious than the feeling which you get when your parents agree to you getting married to someone you love. Had tears in my eyes at the time of our engagement. For me it’s the most special love story that can ever happen. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to revive my memories.

Esha Goel

We met for the first time in an MNC where we both worked. At first it was just a simple friendship, which then changed into mild flirting and finally a relationship. We fell in love as we got to know more about each other. It hasn’t been an easy journey coz we did not want anybody in our office to know about it. But eventually, it got out and we both had to quit. Then we joined different companies and it’s been smooth sailing since then. He proposed to me on my birthday but we are waiting to get married till he achieves a certain position in his company. And until then we are enjoying our ‘official’ courtship phase

Vikrant Sharma

My love story started with friendship. Soon I realized she was my best friend & I started sharing everything with her. We were working together in the same organization. After four years of a relationship, we knew that we can spend our lives with each other. People say opposites attract but in my case the similarities brought us together. I was not ready as I thought it was too early for the marriage but – love is heart over mind. On her birthday, we had our ‘Roka’ as I thought that was the best gift I can give to her. We are happily married for two years now.

Pardeep Chawla

We met through a newspaper advertisement which was given our consent! When we first met, I called her one word “Benazir Bhutto” which made everyone smile a lot and then the love story started with complete fun and frolic. Our first date was at Regal Cinema, where we watched a movie together. Finally on 14th November 1996 our Love story turned into a beautiful Marriage.

From that day till today, we both celebrate Valentine’s Day at SELECT CITYWALK ONLY! We make it a point to take leave from our respective jobs to celebrate our love every year.

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