Make Fitness Fun Again – Home Workouts to Stay in Shape
January 13, 2022

Make Fitness Fun Again – Home Workouts to Stay in Shape

It’s the start of a new year and you made a commitment to get back in shape. All the year-end indulgences must be replaced with health and fitness goals but you want something that is fun too. So when you can work from home, why not try out home workouts that will get you back to looking and feeling great too? We at Select CITYWALK bring you some fun ideas for the perfect home workout regimen.

Go Latino!


A 30-minute Latin Dance Workout can be just the cardio fitness program that you are looking for to keep your heart pumping. Turn on your favourite rumba or tango tracks and tune in to the fast-paced steps. What’s more fun than dressing up for a workout? Enlist your partner to turn a boring home workout into a fun session of togetherness. Practice the salsa moves that you want to show off at the next party! And shop for the perfect outfit from Zara.

Baby and Me workout


If you have a little one back home or an active toddler, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the monotonous workouts (that get interrupted anyway) and have fun with the little one. Plank while you kiss them, pick them up-put them down while standing/squatting, cradle as you do torso rotations – your imagination is the limit on this one. Just remember, no jerky movements with the baby, though.

Belly Dancing to Bollywood numbers

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat is the toughest part of getting fit. And the belly exercises are possibly the most difficult too. Learning to belly dance at home can be a fun solution to both these problems. There are a number of YouTube tutorials that help beginners get jiving in no time at all. What’s more, some popular Bollywood numbers are perfect for your daily workouts. Sway to your favourite tracks and get your belly back in shape at the same time.

Get The Props!


Home workouts can get pretty boring, more so because of the lack of motivation. Buying yourself the right kind of props can make it fun, though. Hula-hoops, for example, can make exercising really interesting. More so if you have a little one at home who likes to join in too. Buy yourself a set of flexibells or resistance tubes from Decathlon to make the workout sessions more fun and more comprehensive as well.

Go Zen

Go Zen

There are always those off days when you are not in the mood for a lot of activity and are feeling rather Zen. Instead of missing out on your workout, get going with yoga and deep breathing exercises. They are great for relaxation and for fitness as well. And can be done right in your living room/bedroom/balcony. Shop for all your yoga wear from the Nike showroom at Select CITYWALK.

Select CITYWALK is your partner in health and fitness. Even as we appreciate the tremendous effort that you make in staying fit and healthy, we believe that nothing brings better health than spending joyful times with your loved ones. Cheers!