Movie Under The Stars with Select CITYWALK
Movie Under The Stars with Select CITYWALK
September 21,2017

Movie Under The Stars with Select CITYWALK

For most of us watching a movie outdoors, under the widespread skies seems like a forgotten scene from an old Hollywood film. At Select CITYWALK our aim is to bring to you distinctive and inimitable experiences, so we hosted a special screening of “Finding Nemo” under the stars. After the incredible response we got in July, we wanted to continue this unique experience. This time around we gave the audience a chance to select their next movie and with a unanimous result, the chosen movie was…*drumrolls* The Ring.

The Ring is still amongst the scariest movie of all time and will surely send a chill down your spine. The infamous horror film is back to haunt your nights. If you’re looking for a fright night under the skies, join us on August 19th, 6:45 pm onwards at The Plaza, Ground Floor and indulge in an experience truly irreplaceable.

Bring your friends, your family or just something to hide under, this is a night you will always remember. Bring on the horror!

For registrations head to
or contact +91 9654004441 and for more information visit our Facebook page.

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