My Square – Court the Best Flavours
August 31, 2021

My Square – Court the Best Flavours

Shopping, entertainment, fun – this is every CITYWALKER’s mantra. Every time you walk into our sprawling mall premises, we make you the promise of a wonderful day. Supporting us in fulfilling this, are our store partners and restaurants, and eateries. We at Select CITYWALK understand that shopping is much more than just seeking out the latest products and trends – it is the perfect opportunity to create beautiful memories with friends, family, and loved ones. And no occasion can be perfect without yummy, refreshing food. My Square, the food court at Select CITYWALK, offers the best of both worlds – delectable cuisine and mindboggling variety – all in an informal setting. Here are some of the outlets at My Square that you will love –

Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan is an iconic name in the world of South Indian cuisine. Gorge on steaming idlis, crispy vadas, and dosas at this outlet at the food court. If you are in the mood for something special, try out the Mini Tiffin that comes with pongal, mini idly, mini masala dosai, and ravakesari.

Fat Lulu’s

If you are in the mood for some cheese dripping comfort food, head out to Fat Lulu’s at My Square. From jalapeno cheese croquettes to luscious pizzas and juicy burgers, Fat Lulu’s is just the place to enjoy a wholesome meal with your friends.


Pind Balluchi

In the mood for a delicious desi meal? Look no further, Pind Baluchi is one of the best restaurants in Delhi NCR when it comes to Punjabi cuisine. Start with a variety of shorbas and move on to some wonderful desikababs and subzian. The dal variety and the breadbasket are just what you need to remind you of a hearty Punjabi kitchen.

Sassy Begum

From Lucknowihandi biryani to authentic Hyderabadihaleem, from nalligosht to mutton galouti – Sassy Begum is home to the most authentic meals that you can look forward to after a tiring day of shopping. Soak in the aromas and flavours that are quintessential to different regions of India.


Wanchai By Kylin

Convert your favourite meals to sizzlers and enjoy the noodle or rice bowl at Wanchai By Kylin. From the Hong Kong Vegetable bowl to the Bang Bang Angry Chicken bowl and from the Khao Suey to Kung Pao Chicken – Wanchai By Kylin is ready to dish out the very best of steaming meals at MySquare.

Cha ChaCha

Cha ChaCha is much more than your regular tea joint. From a hearty breakfast platter to pastas and pizzas and sandwiches – Cha ChaCha is the perfect place for a quick but wholesome bite at Select CITYWALK.


The Masala Trail

What makes a day-long shopping and entertainment saga perfect? Delhi’s famous chaats, pavbhaji, and cholebhature, of course! The Masala Trail is just the right place to indulge your palate in the best of Delhi’s street food.


Subway is the go-to eatery for health-conscious shoppers at Select CITYWALK. Create your own sandwiches and salads and add the right flavours with one of their incredible toppings. Add on a cookie and an ice tea if you are feeling particularly indulgent.


Select CITYWALK is home to a number of fine dining restaurants as well. My Square, however, is the place to be to delve into a world of open floor plans, laughter, and wafting aromas and flavours.

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