Navaratri offerings at Select CITYWALK
September 26, 2022

Navaratri offerings at Select CITYWALK

With Sharad Navratri just around the corner, we are almost in the midst of nine-day-long festive cheer and celebrations. Navratri is an extremely holy and auspicious time for the Hindu devotees as they worship the Hindu goddess and her avatars. Devotees engage themselves in spiritual reflection and fasting to offer their prayers and a few others host feasts to spread cheer. Worshipers turn vegetarian and they avoid consuming onion and garlic as well. They ditch alcoholic beverages for a span of 10 days as a way to worship goddess Durga and the feminine power she brings. So, as people buckle up for the Navratri season, here are a few must-visit restaurants in Select CITYWALK that offer Navratri special hearty feasts.

Pind Balluchi (My Square)

Think about mouth-watering Punjabi food and Pind Balluchi will unquestionably make it to the list. Some of their evergreen classic North Indian dishes are Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer and platters. However, if you wish to treat yourself with a wholesome meal while you’re fasting, they have especially curated a Navratri thali that will simply leave you spellbound. The vegetarian menu made specifically for people who are fasting has a delectable assortment of food without onion or garlic. Their interiors are a fine blend of traditional and modern design, exhibiting a village-themed decor so you get all the cultural feels. Visit Pind Balluchi, located at Select CITYWALK for a hearty Navratri feast.

Pind Balluchi | Select CITYWALK


As the name suggests, it’s a pure vegetarian restaurant with mouth-watering entrees and snacks that are worth trying over and over again. What makes Sattvik an ideal restaurant during Navratri is its wide variety of thalis. This cozy restaurant specializes in authentic Jain food. Sattvik embodies “Sattva” derived from Sanskrit literature that promotes unity with the elements of the universe. Bookmark your calendar and head straight for a divine Navratri meal.

Sattvik | Select CITYWALK

Punjab Grill

Punjab grill is hands down one of the most sought-after destinations for devouring some sumptuous north Indian cuisine. Their aromatic and wholesome satvik spread has especially been curated for an unforgettable Navratri feast. As soon you step into Punjab Grill, a flavorful aroma will tantalize your taste buds and the vibrant colors will leave you awestruck. The place exudes royalty with its mind-boggling dishes that include papads, Kacche Kele Ki Tikki, Sukhi Arbi, Khoya Paneer, Dahi Waale Aloo, and much more. This thali is nothing like the one you have usually tried. Do not miss out on Punjab Grill while you celebrate your festivities.

Punjab Grill | Select CITYWALK

The Masala Trail (My Square)

Let this Navratri be about wholesome feasting and endless cheer at The Masala Trail. This fine dining restaurant makes an ideal place to devour some unforgettable meals with your friends and family. Some of their signature dishes are worth a try if you are craving some authentic Indian dishes. Their Navratri special thalis offer delectable Paneer Tikka, Crispy Aloo Tikki, some Chatpata Fruit Chaat, and a lot more to indulge in a delicious satvik meal.

The Masala Trail | Select CITYWALK

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