New and Improved Hangout In Select CITYWALK
September 15, 2022

New and Improved Hangout In Select CITYWALK

If you are a parent of a tiny little tot or a person who has younger siblings at home, you would know how much kids crave to unravel their adventurous side. Being the curious kinds they are, children are always on the lookout for fun-filled games and adventurous activities with their families. So, here is a super-fun activity spot and game zone for your kid, the new and improved Hangout is exactly where you need to be. Located at Select CITYWALK, it makes for an ideal place for amazing food, fun, and cheer. Here is everything you need to know about the new and improved Hangout at the mall.

A place where reality ends and imagination begins, Hangout boasts of brain-bending fun activities followed by delectable food. For a jungle-like adventurous feel, it has a rainforest-themed ambiance, with vivid and striking lights that offer a truly mesmerizing experience. It offers a dedicated indoor area for kids, toddlers, young teens, and parents. Hangout became operational in 2010 and has recently undergone a number of developments to make it more fun and exciting for kids and adults alike. It also offers party facilities.

Hangout is that one place where you can jump right in with your toddler and become their friendly companion for an entire day. With the most exciting games lined up for people of all ages, Hangout is the ultimate destination for party, play, and fun. Let your kids be utterly mesmerized by the star member of Hangout ‘Monku’, the monkey, and some of his best mates like ‘Tanzu’ the teddy, ‘Banku’, the bunny. Dance to your heart’s fullest along with your tiny one to the exuberant Hangout song and if you’re celebrating your little tot’s birthday, you also get greeted with a special birthday song.

The arcade and redemption games will keep you on your toes all throughout until you absolutely ace it. Jump right into the adrenaline-pumping virtual rollercoaster ride that will spin your world upside down on a 360-degree loop and let your kid have the most unforgettable time of his life. The high-tech rides take the fun up a notch by swaying you, so your adrenaline will be at its peak! Your day will be brim with unending laughter and beaming smiles. Hangout will keep you hooked on it by its host of fun-filled games, spellbinding ambiance, and amusing rides.

The thrilling yet eventful gaming session undeniably calls for some soothing drinks and delicious food. Delight your taste buds with some mouth-watering delicacies at Neon by Hangout. Dig right in and indulge in an experience like no other with the best cuisines like Italian, Pan-Asian, Chinese, North Indian, and others, especially curated for you. Satiate your sweet cravings with an exquisite range of pastries that are freshly made and decadent. Layback and relax with the refreshing range of cocktails, mocktails, and mojitos.

So, if you are on the lookout for a weekend plan with your family, here is a spot that requires zero planning and assures an unforgettable experience.

If fun is what you’re looking for, the all-new Hangout at Select CITYWALK awaits you.

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