No – Bummer – Summer – 5 reasons to love summer in Delhi
September 19,2017

No – Bummer – Summer – 5 reasons to love summer in Delhi

It’s that time of the year again – summer –

The season of soaring temperatures and escalating humidity levels! And while many of you will get to escape for a bit, there are some of us who aren’t lucky enough to enjoy the paradise of beaches, exciting cities, and snowcapped mountains. So if you belong to the group that’s going to be stuck in the furnace we call Delhi all summer, DON’T be bummed out. There are TONS of reasons to be excited about the summer & here’s a few:

1.  Shorts, shorts, shorts!

Pack away your jeans (or cut them up, if you’re feeling rebellious)! It’s the season to binge-buy shorts! Pastel ones, stripey ones, polka dot ones – you can never have too many. Check out Zara, Mango, and Tommy Hilfiger!

 Shorts, shorts, shorts!

2.  Pools are cool

Spending time outdoors can be a nightmare – unless you’re in a pool. Take this opportunity to practice your butterfly stroke (and you might be pleasantly surprised when you wake up with beautifully toned legs one morning!) Get your swimsuits ready from Shivan & Naresh or La Senza!

Pools are cool

3. IceCream Dreamin’

Ice Cream your way through the summer! Mango Ice Cream in a crispy waffle cone to the refreshing ice-lollies that seem to soak up all the heat – each one counts! Check out Haagen Dazs, Red Mango & Gelato Italiano!

IceCream Dreamin’

4. Shop till you crop top

If nothing else, the heat is the perfect excuse to up the fashion factor! Shop till you drop for crop tops! Don’t miss the collections at Promod and Kazo!

Shop till you crop top

5.  For Milkshakes sake

Slip on your flip flops, put on your sunglasses and sip on a delicious smoothie or milkshake while you shop! You know you’re doing justice to summer when you find yourself going for seconds!  Try out Keventers, Burger King, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

For Milkshakes sake

So make a bucket list for the summer and start working at it! Make the most of what delhi has to offer – When you’re sipping on a milkshake and shopping for the summer essentials, you won’t even feel the heat! #GoShopping!

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