Origami Comes To Life At Select CITYWALK
Origami Comes To Life At Select CITYWALK
May 18,2018

Origami Comes To Life At Select CITYWALK

Many know Origami as the delicate paper folding art that turns into a visual marvel in a matter of minutes. Intricate detailing leads to creating a stunning piece of art that soothes your soul with its sharp folds and pops of colours. Paper craft has this quality of making something gentle look just as strong. Something just as brilliant is coming to Select CITYWALK to enrapture your senses.

The celebrated experimental artist, Asha Gulati, renowned for her extravagant craftsmanship with paper designs is set to charm her way into your hearts with a massive Origami installation at the shopping centre. The installation, named Equipoise, propagates the idea of harmony and natural balance that is much desired in today’s time.


In the mad competitive rush to grow stronger by the day, it is Mother Earth who is bearing the negative side effects of technology and growth. Global warming, deforestation, extinction of certain species – all are straining the current resources to their limits. It is critical to restore the balance between technology and nature so that world is a habitable place for the future generations. Every step taken to correct this imbalance will play its own role on setting things right.


Equipoise, meaning “balance of forces or interests” is a paper craft idea that draws attention to this much required measure, highlighting the role every element plays in maintaining this worldly balance and thus creating a harmonious equilibrium. Art has always been a strong medium to share thoughts and ideas and the paper craft of Origami is becoming a student art is one medium that is surely becoming a voice for a cause.

Come, watch history unfold as you witness the setting up of the most magnificent of creations of origami art at Select CITYWALK!

See you soon!

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