Nexus Select CITYWALKPut Your Best Foot Forward This Monsoon
July 18, 2022

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Monsoon

There is something magical about the monsoon season. The grey skies and mesmerizing drizzles make the heart and spirit soar. The petrichor makes us want to spend long hours in the company of friends and family, recalling fond memories and making new ones. There is hardly anything to complain about during the rainy season. Except for the fact that the rains are very rough on our shoes. Every shoe lover understands the pain of having to step through the puddles and mud with a beautiful pair of leather shoes on. But as Denzel Washington once said, “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it”.

We at Nexus Select CITYWALK are all set to welcome the monsoon season and to fit you into the perfect pair of stylish footwear that will not leave you feeling anxious. Head out to our store partners and put your best foot forward these rainy months.

Crocs are known for their amazing comfort. Completely water-resistant and durable comfort – that is what makes Crocs the perfect shoes for the monsoon season. And if you thought that you were doomed to wear crocs all through the season, think again. The Crocs store at Nexus Select CITYWALK showcases designs and colours and styles that will keep you coming back for more.

There is a reason why Birkenstock is a favourite among shoe lovers across the globe. Stylish, fashion-forward, comfortable, ultra-light, completely waterproof, odour proof, and environment friendly – rarely does a single pair of shoes bring together all these amazing qualities. But this is exactly what you get when you shop for a Birkenstock and this is what should top your shopping list when you visit Nexus Select CITYWALK this season.

And you thought monsoon shoes were boring? Melissa Shoes brings you a whole new range of water-resistant mules and heeled footwear crafted from the brand’s signature fruit-scented PVC. Every step you take in these is a walk of glory. Hop, skip, jump and make the most of the joy and fun that the rains bring. The sweet-smelling Melissa Shoes will keep the musty odour away this rainy season.

The skies are dark and grey but that should not keep you away from your daily jogs or walks. Come rainy season, rubber soles are your best friends. Pair them up with a pair of light and very stylish sneakers and you are all set to get out and get going with your regular workout schedule. Visit Aldo Shoes store at Nexus Select CITYWALK and pick out the perfect pair to help you stick to your fitness regimen through the monsoon.

After the scorching summer months, we welcome the rains with a great deal of joy. We at Nexus Select CITYWALK and our store partners are all geared up to bring you the season’s best apparel and accessories. While at it, indulge in some steaming meals and beverages at My Square food court.